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Works Performance Twin Shocks are still very popular for Vintage Mxand other stuff!.

They can be rebuilt as needed from time to time.

The monotube shocks are “emulsion” type mixing the Fluid and Nitrogen in the main chamber tube.

The added Reservoir Types “Divide” the fluid and nitrogen with a bladder so they are a more fade free design.



Works performance have a simple multi “check-ball and spring” design on the inside function instead of valving  shims and piston port design.


works performance vintage check ball design


Works Performance uses a pretty simply “Check Ball” design instead of whats considered true valving and port style valving and main piston.




Works performance parts, seals,crossouts,tools


Works Performance Seals, Cross outs, Parts, Special Tools.


Single rate springs common when shocks are below 12″, dual rate springs common on shocks 13.5″- 15-3/4″, then triple rate if shocks longer than that.


Dual Rate Springs are common but use a “cross out” which is a tunable and changeable sleeve or series of



The  Works Performance Twin Shocks with Dual Rate springs, many are still out in the field today and are popular.

RED arrow #1 shows body preload clips about every 1/4″ you can add or remove Total Spring Stack Preload by moving these up or down the body.

BLUE arrow shows helper spring “crossout” spacers, they determine how early or late the hepler spring cancels out before working on main spring and can be changed as you see fit.

BLACK arrow #2 shows black spring retainer that goes between the helper and main spring, arrow #3 is the Aluminum Clip that holds the spring stack on the shock is to the right of that.

sleeves under the smaller helper spring (shown above the white color spring) to reduce or enlarge helper spring movement.

Called a “cross out” referring to how they effect the cross out of the helper spring then allowing the shock to work on the main spring sooner or later.

Shown above for various other applications with up to three springs per shock total (one or two helper springs and one main spring).


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