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We pride ourselves on being the most clean and professional business we can be and support other brands that share our same commitment.



Providing customer or owner installed components and related parts as ordered, hard to find specialty parts, and update kits for your existing items, shipping daily UPS, FedEx, Postal USPS for your convenience right to your home or business, for your easy install.





You can call us Monday thru Friday Eastern to place orders and get options on what products you may want to consider.


As one of the largest suspension, related parts, accessories distributors and technical support centers in the U.S. for more than twenty five years we sell Domestic Quality Brands including Ohlins, Kayaba, Showa, WP, Elka,Touratech, Nitron, Progressive, Works, Penske, Axis, Fox, K-tech, and Others.


Our experience, product knowledge, personalized service, quality tech support and fast delivery is second to none.


Through out the year we provide various product seminars for individuals, dealers and college program students that enjoy learning about the quality and design differences between the products and applications to better understand various components, procedures, specialty tools and equipment related to the industry to be the best in field.


We also participate in various industry product trade shows and other special events.


If you seek the best value for your dollar spent look no further than us, we can usually sell for less than anyone else and we are confident you will find us extremely helpful.


State of the art technology, products and procedure knowledge has been at the forefront of the company since the beginning and continues through today to maintain a better understanding of products related to the industry.






FREE Shipping in the lower 48 USA on New suspension, we also ship and receive parts and accessories daily UPS, FedEx,and Postal USPS  for your convenience at very reasonable rates,(that way we can go home early just like you!).


Out of state customers pay no in State Sales Tax when we ship items to you by legitimate carriers.


Depending on the State you live in it is fully your responsibility to pay or send in that any States tax as it applies.


Most ordered items are sent preset and ready to install with manufacturers provided instructions and manuals as they provide based on your own preferences and information you provide, you may make any changes as you deem fit by following manufacturers owners instructions.




By purchasing any item or product you as the customer agree to all policies terms and conditions set forth and subject to change.


The manufacturer provides any and all Warranty as they deem fit  and it varies from each manufacturer, contact them for any information.


All orders are 100% prepaid at time of ordering based on your information you provide, in the unlikely event that something may be unavailable or the manufacturers lead time is determined that your order is unable to produce or complete for a specific production reason we will determine if a refund or cancellation is in order for that item.


We make no performance claims regarding any manufacturers product, items, or services of any kind other than listed fitment provided by them, and have no warranty implied or expressed on any purchase and have a no refund, exchange or credit policy on any order of any kind, and understand the manufacturer will not except returns of any order, special orders, personal hardship, received packages, installed items, or items with even the smallest mark or damage, or open packages as they deem fit and have the final and definitive say on any product, we only sell brand new never used product unless clear identification is agreed on an item prior to sale.


All items sold are subject to installation by others or customer for final assembly and it is your responsibility to follow manufacturers recommended installation and setting instructions or seek a a recognized authorized certified professional for assistance.


All products, items or services have no warranty or intended purpose use of any kind, again there is no warranty, no refund, no guarantee, should a manufacture have some other policy that is there own to enforce.


Once orders are shipped to the address you provide, or received via store pick up, the transaction you entered by your free will and choice is considered complete and that is the extent of our obligation. By ordering a product of you own free will you hereby agree and consent to these policies and authorize the full use and full payment or your credit, debit, bank card or other without obligation of return, credit, or refund of any kind.




We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, Debit, Certified Checks, Money Orders, or Cash, (So your wife won’t know).




We have the best prices to value and will never be under sold for comparable items and quality, so call when you are ready, it’s that easy.


Most manufacturers have changed policy and only allow any and all web sites to display their regular current full “Retail” or “List” prices only these days, so when you see shocks in a shopping cart you are paying full retail most likely if they are actually new product, some accessory brands agree to allow a maximum of a small percent off at times, we can not post lower prices or every brand will stop selling product to us and you. We can however sell any item for any price we want, it’s a free country, can some even give you a free car or house? and in fact we can even loose money on any item we want, we just can’t advertise or post that price, but any business would not be around to long doing it like that.


Our customers buy from us because we are the best at what we do and know what works and provide options you may consider.


We respect the manufacturers intentions and our integrity to supply the best products at affordable pricing.


Out of State customers pay no in State Sales Tax on shipped orders when shipped by a legit professional carrier.