Honda CRF250L RALLY 2017- On


crf_250_rally _Ohlins shock HO703 _Fork Spring and cap kit FKS123



New Honda CRF250L RALLY (2017-On)




We sell more Adventure Shocks, Forks, Cartridge kits than most any other dealer in the USA , consider us for your next purchase,

We have more than 25+ years experience and we-love-you-long time!



Ohlins has a fully adjustable shock with a better spring than stock (and with spare Extra heavy duty spring for even more loading and chubbyness) an Ohlins air bleedable fork cap(s) and (2) fork spring kit , a better rate than stock and spare heavier than that.

The fork springs that actually fits! the way it should true to length without goofy spacers or tubes like previous cheezy brands and others offered!.







BAM!- Whoop-there-it-is!     



Ohlins makes a fully adjustable shock very heavy duty with a 46mm extra large body and 16mm extra large heavy duty shaft, Ohlins Fork springs that actually fit well true to length and Cap kit .


Ohlins high quality fluid used with the Ohlins fork cap(s) and spring(s) kit works very well in the front forks.


Ohlins Piston and Fork Fluid Kit Valving Honda CRF250L _Rally



Note: this is not a product that can be ordered out of the catalog by a part number at this time subject to change.


Optional in house supplied valving  for rider weight and conditions,


A Universal design 4 port 20m piston with rider specific custom updated valving shims stack with optional valving / Piston(s) kit for fork works very well and is a in house supplied product only.


With real valving and pistons you can try for best results, start with a 3wt fluid in damping leg maybe up to a 5wt if your fat by body mass index, and can go higher if your a scale breaker.


Ohlins Piston and Valing Kit Uni Honda CRF250l Rally



Bam!   Whoop -there-it-is!   





Honda CRF250L rally Ohlins Race Tech YSS Shock Vs



The stock throw away Non Adjustable 2017 Honda CRF250L Rally shock (left) vs the regular CRF250L(right)


They are small with only a 40mm body and whimpy shock shaft,etc.


(Both are completely hopeless….)




Honda CRF250L Rally 2017-On, cool bike but Super Soft Super basic suspension that includes a hopeless shock.


For the best quality shock for the money see below…




Honda Rally CRF250 Ohlins shock HO703 S46HR1C1





ALL New Super high quality Ohlins S46HR1C1 shock,  SUPER big and fat 46mm body heavy duty 16mm shaft!


Fully adjustable compression (approx 25 clicks) and rebound adjustable (approx 50 clicks) sprung and done to your door with 95mm Adjustable threaded preload on billet Aluminum Ohlins quality hard anodized shock body.


Divided fluid and nitrogen with internal floating piston within remote reservoir, fully rebuidable for many years, revalvable and tunable.






Ohlins has the best shock for the money, quality and durability with over 40 years building shocks all over the world for many applications.


The Ohlins shock has a heavy duty oversized 46mm body and 16mm shaft with fully adjustable compression, rebound and spring preload.



Ohlins S46 HO703 Ho 429 shock



The fluid and nitrogen are divided with an internal floating piston within the gold reservoir for fade free performance and extra capacity.


Fully rebuildable, revalvable for many years.



Ohlins Intregrated Preloader Option HO703 Honda Rally CRF250



Above Ohlins integrated spring preloader option, easy to get to with 8mm drive with “T-tool” (not included common stuff) changes spring preload about 10mm more or less from original set position range.


May require optional Ohlins spring so best to do at time of ordering shock because it takes up about 40mm of body space.




CRF250L_2017_Ohlins Shock HO703_Fork Spring Kit F



Sweet looking bike but with super soft and economized shock and fork.


Super skinny people only unless you swap the shock and fork stuff to get you in the game.


Ohlins Honda CRF250 Rally Fork Spring rate Kit Caps (2)



See super cool Ohlins Caps that allows for “air bleeding” to equalize any built up air pressure before each ride like modern motocross forks.



Ohlins Honda CRF250L Rally Fork Cartridge kit YSS Racetech (2)



Tip: Use a padded 6 point socket or soft cloth under the wrench to keep your caps looking nice and don’t forget to apply thin grease on oring.


Ohlins caps sold with kit have “air bleeders” (those little removable bolts) that are for equalizing any air build up like MX / Enduro long travel forks.


By equalizing the air before each ride with forks fully extended , this will provide a much improved ride, save seal life and help the overall performance and balance.




Ohlins Honda CRF250L Rally Fork Cartridge kit YSS Racetech (1)






Ohlins Honda CRF250 Rally Fork Spring rate Kit Caps (1)



The Fork springs and Fork caps kit are also a very welcome improvement (See below for fork Valving and piston options…




Honda CRF250L_Rally_Fork_Spring Kits _ReValving and Piston Kits_Ohlins YSS_Racetech



Above Valving and Piston kits for Offroad and heavy loading can be tuned for rider weight and conditions from street to full offroad, these update your 3 port stock pistons from the 1980’s (See below…).


These help in any conditions from commuting to real offroad settings over the stock fork pistons.


YSS Crf250L Rally 2017 Shock Ohlins Racetech best



Above the stock CRF250 Rally throw away shock.




Honda CRF250L rally Ohlins Race Tech YSS Shock Vs



The stock 2017 Honda CRF250L Rally shock vs the regular CRF250L.








Above a screen door damper, is only thing worse than your Honda Crf250 or rally shock.



Heavy shock spring CRF250Rally Honda Spring Rate




The stock shock is so bad they bolt the stamper steel bracket on so you’ll need a $650.00 Spring press to get the tapered different ends spring off and then still have no threads for any spring to adjust a non adjustable shock, (scrap metal is up to around .52 cents/lb.)



Honda CRF250L shock Vs Rally




Above CRF250L shock and Spring vs RALLY shock and spring, two totally different shock lengths, spring lengths and spring rates.



Honda Rally Std Spring rate CRF250



Another issue on both is only minimal preload range to work with it addition to what is pressed on.





Honda CRF250_Rally _Ohlins Shock and Fork Springs FKS123



Modest suspension upgrades go a long way to improve the range of use for the Honda CRF250L Rally.





Honda CRF250L Rally Fork Upgrades Pro Pilot Ohlins Racetech Yss Springs Revalving kits



Above the 43mm USD stock Forks Honda CRF250L Rally.


The standard forks are non externally adjustable and no way to release or equalize air build up either like traditional long sweep off road forks.




Honda CRF250L Rally Fork Dimensions 43mm Legs



43mm Inner Stock Tubes.




Honda CRF250L Rally Fork Spring heavy Duty rate Kg



The standard spring side leg.




Ohlins CRF250L Rally Fork spring Clip



Above red arrows show clip.




Honda CRF250L how to cahnge fork springs heavier rate



Shown above is the top out spring on the end of the ding dong.




Honda CRF250L Rally Fork Mods



Above this side is where you can switch to a 4 port valvable piston kit that works much better.


One side has to do the work of two.






Note the clip so you can get to the stuff.

The stock fork 3 port piston is from the late 1980’s appeared in CR stuff.



Honda CRF250L rally Left leg Damping Valving and cartridge kits




These three port pistons were brand new on the first year production upside down CR250 2-stroke from 1989 over twenty-eight years ago! but they even had 45mm forks.



Ohlins Piston and Valing Kit Uni Honda CRF250l Rally



Note: above is not  a general listed catalog item at this time subject to change.


But the Valving has been changed and updated to suit the needs from 25+ years of doing it.





Honda CRF250L Rally Fork Cartridge



Top of the cartridge, (“mieneke muffler”… )



Honda CRF250L Frok dimensions Rally Stantions clamps



Honda CRF250L Rally fork size and dimensions.





Honda Rally CRF250L Fork Size lower clamps



Above is the CRF250L lower fork clamp so you can make a frankenstein mess out of your neighbors forks.




Honda CRF 250L Rally fork spring size and std rates





2017 honda crf250l rally_Best Suspension_Shock Uprades Ohlins YSS Racetech_Fork_Shock Springs



A simple very cost effective solution for the front and rear that transform this bike into something much more capable for the majority or riders and loading made by Ohlins (See Below…).



Ohlins Ralley HO703 Shock Fork Spring Cap Kit FKS123



Above Ohlins S46HR1C1 shock comes with optional extra loading spring in addition to the heavy duty spring supplied.



Honda CRF250L Fork Spring kit Optional Heavy Fork Spring rate



Update- Shown above,  a couple years ago now, there is a cheapo-foogesi stuff a spring in one leg option~ Stuff and GO!


Made in Mexico


We don’t sell these much but some early on for the regular CRF250L tried some.


Add 1 spring and goofy long spacer tube to the Other leg that doesn’t have one and hope for the best!


Average the two rates together and what you get? still way to soft ~ And weird.