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NEW Release Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L Ohlins Forks and Shock~ See Bike Page FULL DETAILS..


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(2016) Mike Ervin~ NORTH POLE, ALASKA  near FAIRBANKS, ALASKA BMW R1200GS Fun summer tour Ohlins package, Also works for Alaska Railroad and USA Veteran, preps and stages Discovery Channel show folks!



Dennis going to Touratech East August

(2016) Africa Twin CRF1000L Honda, Dennis “Tour of Italy”


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Many applications people just replace their suspension with brand new ones that have superior design and engineering over stock.


Ohlins Forks Kit KTM1190R New South Whales Australia Paul


(2016) Paul N.~New South Whales, Australia KTM1190R /  Kit~Ohlins Parts



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06 gsa 1200 Israel E. Salisbury MAryland Elka


(2016)  Israel E. ~ Salisbury, Maryland  BMW R1200GSA



BMW F800GS 2010 Ohlins


(2016) Ronald P~ BMWF800GS Combo, Los ALMOS,





New HOT Bike!  ~Yamaha FJ09 /MT09 Tracer  



Ohlins YA535 and FGK237 combo IMG_4771

FJ-09 “The Full-Monte” Ohlins front and back Combo with all the bells and whistles!~ BAM!



2016 Yamaha Super tenere Ohlins

Ohlins makes a front and rear matched set unlike other brands that may just offer a rear shock.


Ohlins Tenere YA013 and FKA106 Suspension kit


Tenere happy Kit!, Combo~ Simple way to get the best out of the front and rear.



 2017_KTM250SXF_Ohlins Forks_top


Best Wp4CS Fix Ohlins TTX 2016 Fork and SHock


Exposure or outside storage in the elements and extending the riding season can play a major role in any shocks longevity, we see no huge issues with really any brand more than any other these days depending on those factors.



BMW X Challenge 2007-2009 Ohlins (1)

Bmw G650X-Challenge 2007-2009



Ohlins Bm636


Super popular Ohlins BM636 Shock!  (Replace standard Air Bag Style Shock)



Ohlins does offer many very well done complete front and rear packages with cutting edge technologies that others don’t have including 30mm fork cartridge kits,  complete forks,  and electronic “mechtronics”, TTX  Twin wall shocks for some models, and many other designs and steering dampers for some instead just a single rear shock option with a conventional tube design like some brands.


2009-BMW-F800GS _ Keith Blount

2016 Customer in Helena , Montana F800GS


We have seen every brand shock for more than 30+ years and have used them everyday as well and still ride today.


Some brands that only sell relatively a small amount of product in the USA may have to claim 25k-30k miles between services or about anything else to get you to buy them, that amount of miles is mostly unrealistic when less than 16k-20k is the norm on good shocks let alone the very basic often cheesy stock original ones that people toss after just 12k or less.


Other brands recommend short service intervals just to be safe because they should bring attention to proper maintenance verses repair. Suspension is no different than tires.



2012 Tiger Stock Showa

Why is your Tiger such a Suspension Lemon?

Above is the standard Tiger 800 garbage shock and stamped steel 1970’s style fork cartridge non rebuildable or revalveable that looks like it came from the the “Old Soviet Union!”.

See below on how sweet it can be!….

Triumph Tiger 800 2014


Triumph Tiger 800/XC (2011-2014)


Triumph Tiger TR119 Ohlins Shock


Above Sweetness! the Ohlins Triumph Tiger Shock



TR119 Triumph Tiger 800 (2)


Ohlins 30mm Cartridge Kit ,Tiger Example~


The fact that your suspension is also best when sprung and set for the weight you actually are, not the weight you wish you could be!, so riding your friends bike set for 170lb solo rider no luggage may not be best for you at 260lbs and a heavy passenger with always loaded camping gear!.


Steve j Edmonds Oklahoma BMW R1150GS ADV


(2016) Steve J.~ Edmonds, Oklahoma BMW R1200GSA (Guy Coopers Friend!)



We do sell many other brands for ADVENTURE / Dual Sport  applications you’ll find on above page TABS per brand.


Tracy S, EAGLE RIVEr Alaska F800GS

(2016) Tracey S.~ Eagle River, Alaska  BMW F800GS


 Our Leader


We speak Adventure / Dual sport the owner and founder of the company has tremendous knowledge and professional racing accomplishments in the offroad world which makes an easy fit for more than 30+ Years.


Kevin Walkers BMW R1200GS Ohlins Shock Elmira, Oregon


(2016) Kevin Walker~ BMW R1200GS  Elmira ,OREGON


Everything is customized around your specific needs.




James kean FArgo North DAkota BMW R1150gsa


(2016) James Kean~ FARGO, North Dakota Ohlins BMW R 1150GSA Set



Bmw Hp2


(2016) Ronald Sawl, Fresno , CALIFORNIA ~  BMW HP2, Police Science Institute


Suspension Sachs Skyhook Ducati Enduro 1200 Multistrada

(2016) Ryan Ducati Mutistrada 1200 Enduro


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When Your Hour Meter says 20 its time to do

Feel the difference!

If you ever had your suspension Professionally REVALVED, SEALS & WEAR PARTS REPLACED, SPRINGS correct and  FACTORY Vac 100% PERFECT  you may be amazed at how well some bikes can be!



Click Here for New Style WP 4CS page WP the Best 4CS Mods Forks 4CS_S



Below are 60+Shocks numbered 1-60+

As much as possible we use the actual pics of what we sell and what you  would  buy.

(Hey , now there’s an idea….)


Ohlins TTX Shocks are the ONLY twin wall directional fluid flow shocks in the Industry

BMW R1200 GS and GSA Ohlins NEWEST Updated FULL replacement TTX- EC-Kit (Call for Best Price!)

1 ) BMW R1200 GS and GSA Ohlins  NEWEST Updated FULL replacement TTX- EC-Kit (Call for Best Price!)

 2006-2013 Oil cooled

OHLINS BMW R 1200 GS and GSA regular Non-Electronic TTX

2 ) BMW R 1200GS and GSA Ohlins Full Mectronic EC-KITS (Non Water Cooled) 2006-2013

Unique interactive Comfort Mode Self Adjusts with Speed and conditions with electronic adjustable front and rear rebound, compression and rear preload in addition to selective modes for loading and conditions.

(The OEM Stuff Doesn’t do that)

Ohlins Unique twin wall TTx design offers superior damping quality thru many design features with piggyback reservoirs allows for cleaner install while not reusing any dated  parts  from the standard Bmw shocks like other brands.

(So Kit contains all above without the need for using anything from your old crusty standard stuff)



3) OHLINS  TTX (Regular Non Electronic version) BMW R 1200 GS and GSA 2006-2013 Oil cooled

4) Ohlins Unique  TTx TWin Wall,  piggyback, floating internal piston design.

The Only shock in the industry with more directional fluid flow design and more equal pressure balance with many advantages over traditional tube shock designs with  Twin wall body, End Cones matching holes, Cylinder head casting matching holes, for true independent adjustment functions.

(More on these in Our Tech Section, many design features and benefits )

OHLINS BMW R 1200 GS and GSA regular Non-Electronic TTX

5) Ohlins TTx  Twin wall piggybacks (2006-2013 oil cooled)

BMW R 1200 GS and GSA shown  with NEW Style larger PRELOADER with more Function range.


6) OHLINS S46 SERIES (BOTH  Big bodies Front and Rear 46mm / 16mm shafts) Shown with Rear preloader

(Other Brands give you a Skinny Front Shock  sometimes)

2006-2013 Oil cooled ,  BMW R1200GS and GSA  with Traditional PRELOADER


7) 2006-2013 Oil cooled BMW R 1200 GS / GSA Shown With NO rear preloader  (Spanner style Preload Adjusters both)


Water Cooled BMW R 1200GS Ohlins TTX Bm146 Bm147

8) ( 2014- on ) Bmw (Water Cooled)   R 1200 GS  Ohlins TTx, ( Bm146 And BM 147 )

R1200 GSA  (Bm148 Bm149)  not Shown but very similar design.



9) PRELOADER COMPARISON (Arrow) Traditional  , Newer one  (bigger) shown at above only on Some Current Models.



10) TENERE (COMBO KIT Package) Includes Ohlins YA013 Shock with FKA106 Cartridge 30mm and Springs.


TENERE OHLINS full Production CARTRIDGE and Spring Set Kits

11)  TENERE  OHLINS  Fork 30mm  CARTRIDGE Kit  FKA106 and Spring Set Kits (replaces most everything inside fork)

Kit has many Unique Features the standard does not including Adjustable Compression , Rebound and Spring  18 turn Preload all at the Top caps and  special anti bottoming tapered hydrualic cones.


12) popular  TENERE OHLINS YA013 Shock With Adjustable Rebound (45 clicks apx.) , Compression (24 clicks apx.), Preloader (apx. 24 turns ) 46mm body /16mm Shaft , excellent value to quality.


Ohlins BMW S46 Series With Hydraulic Preloader and Optional Shock Covers Shown

13) Ohlins BMW R1150 GS and  GSA S46 Series with Hydraulic Preloader and Optional Shock Covers Shown


14) Ohlins BM542 , BMW R1150 GS (ONLY )( Added Reservoir for Adjustable Compression )



Ohlins Fork Cartridge Kits Adjustable External Spring Preload, Compression and Rebound

15) Ohlins Fork 30mm Super sized Cartridge Kits

Adjustable External Spring Preload (18 turn ) , Compression (apx. 24 Turn) and Rebound (apx. 24 Turn)


16) Ohlins BMW F800GS  Fork Cartridge Kits Adjustable External Spring Preload (18 Turn) , Compression and Rebound (apx. 24 Turn) with Hydraulic Anti Bottom out cones

17) Ohlins BMW F800GS base Model S46DR1  46mm Body/16mm Shaft, Divided Fluid /nit.


18) Bmw G 650 X-CHALLENGE Shock Ohlins  Bm 636  (very popular! and Heavy duty 46mm/16mm)


19) Bmw F 650 GS DAKAR  2000-2007 BM 0483(version three shown) Non ABS has been used for NLA BM750

(email us for manufacturers Mounting instructions to compare )



Triumph TIGER and XC Ohlins Full Adjustable Fork Cartridge Kits and Shocks

20) Triumph Tiger 800 and 800 XC  COMBO KIT (or Separate )

Ohlins Shock (Tr119 or TR120) and Fork 30mm Cartridge Kits Adjustable External Spring Preload (18 Turns), Compression,Rebound (both apx.24 turns) All Adjust from top caps for convenience.


21) Triumph Tiger 1050  Ohlins  Shock 2007-2012 (Tr704) (Notice Ohlins INTEGRATED Spring Preloader for cleaner Mounting)



22) Ohlins HO140 Twin pair (Notice Offset Bottom Bracket for more mounting  clearance  options)


23) Popular BMW R 1100S Ohlins Front and Rear BM842 and BM 205 (Latest Version apple 8.0!)


24) BMW R 1200 R  Bm 708  and  Bm 709 (Both have Adjustable Length,divided and  with many other features)

 These like all Ohlins Shocks  can be fitted at No Extra Charge with what ever Springs you want for plusher or firmer


25) BMW R 1200RT 2005-2009 BM503/ S46ER1 and BM504  /S46DR1S

(same OEM # as 2010-2013 ) but non ESA -Unplug Regular

2014 is different Part #BM438 / S46DRS


26) BMW R9T New Ohlins Road and Track fork With 30mm Cartridge (Available in Black or Gold Top Stantions)


27)  BMW R9T New Ohlins Bm440 Shock S46PR1C1B


28) Ohlins BMW R80 GS (1988-On) /100GS (1987-On ) /pd (three  popular Ohlins Options) 

Above (Bm541, Bm836, Bm051)

Very popular still today for the right Shock on the right machine   (eye-to-eye 495mm,498mm)


29) 1980-87 BMW R80GS

BM 317 Piggyback, Adjustable Rebound, Adjustable Compression (361mm eye-eye-Long x 89m Stroke)



30) Ohlins Ducati  MultiStrada 2010-2014 Full EC Kit!

We never thought they would make this kit but they sure did, so if you have the base model Ducati , you can have brand New Ohlins Rt Forks EC controlled and a Ttx EC controlled Shock with everything you need to “Plug and Play” including dash. More info on this kit but it has many upgraded functions and modes.



31) Ohlins TTX  Ducati  MultiStrada 2010-2014 (Non EC- Ttx Shock) DU868


2014 Yamaha FZ9 FGK230 Ohlins Cart Kit

32)  Ohlins Ducati  MultiStrada 2010-2014 FKA 104 30mm Cartridge Kit (popular Non EC Upgrade)

33) Ohlins Type  S36DRL (36mm Body/ 14mm shaft , divided Fluid/ Nit, 45 click Rebound, Length)

2014 Yamaha FZ9 FGK230 Ohlins Cart Kit



Ohlins Pistons are 50% LARGER!

Popular 2014- On  Yamaha FZ9 FGK230/New # FGK237  Ohlins 30mm Cartridge  Kit and Spring kit ,  Adjustable Rebound,Compression and Preload all at Top Caps.


2014 Yamaha FZ9 MT09 YA335 with 8422-90 Springs Fork

35) popular 2014 Yamaha FZ9 / MT09 YA335 with 8422-90 Springs Forks (Note the Springs are Different  Part #  if using Cartridge Kit.)


36) 2015 Yamaha R1 YA416 TTx Gp Shock


37) Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom  Ohlins  SU201 / 2002-2008 (but Same OEM #thru 2012)

Shown With Rebound, Compression adjuster and Hydrualic Spring Preloader


 SU823_overall DL650VStrom 04-11

38) Suzuki  DL650 V-Strom SU823 with  Remote Spring Preloader shown 2004-2011


39) Suzuki  DL650 V-Strom Ohlins S46DR1S  ( SU 216 with remote spring preloader 2012-2014)

** Suzuki DL650 V-strom BAse Model Ohlins (No Remote Preloader )is a SU 043 without 2004-2014


03_07 Suz SU323 SV650

40) Suzuki SV650 03-07 SU323 S46DR1 Series


Yam FJR 1300 YA_053_YA036_YA707

41) Yamaha FJR 1300 Options above  (YA053 , YA036, YA707)


Ho 322 Hon 02_06 CB900F or 919 Hornet S46DR1

42) Honda Hornet HO322 S46DR1 or 02-06 Hon CB900F (Divided Internal Floating Piston) Much Larger Shock than Stock , Ohlins 46mm Body /16mm Shaft with 45 Click Damping Adjust and Any Spring Option you Want.


Ho 201Hon 02_06 CB900F or 919 Hornet (2)

43) Honda Hornet HO201 S46HR1C1S or 02-06 Hon CB900F (This One has all the additional Adjusters and reservoirs)


44) Honda CB 1000R 2008-2014 Ohlins S46DR1   HO 009


45) Honda CB 1000R 2008-2014 Ohlins HO 808



46) Honda VFR1200F  2010- 2014  HO013 Ohlins


HO_070_Overall and with ing preloader

47) Honda NC700X HO070 S46DR1 (Top pic) Other pic shows Optional Integrated Spring Preloader

Heavy Duty 46mm body /16mm shaft with Divided Internal Fluid/Nit piston

48) Kawasaki Z 1000 SX 2011-2014 COMBO FPK20mm Ohlins Piston Kit, Ohlins Springs,Ohlins Fluid, Ohlins KA110 Shock with Remote Spring preloader and Internal Divided Piston


49) Kawasaki Z 1000 SX 2011-2014 Ohlins Shock with Remote Preloader


ZX-10 Ohlins EC-Shocks

50) ZX-10 Ohlins EC-Shocks   (call for latest versions MK11/ GP1/GP11


Ohlins EC-Controlled Shocks

51) Ohlins EC-Controlled Shocks


Ohlins Fully Adjustable TWIN Shocks

52)  Ohlins Fully Adjustable TWIN Shocks (they have adjustable Rebound and Compression)

These are shown with knob style spring preloaders than move additional 10mm plus all the body clips every 4 mm


Ohlins MKII and GP Shocks

53) Ohlins MKII and GP Shocks


OHLINS Superbike Forks

54)  OHLINS Superbike Forks

55) Ohlins 48 RXF Forks


56)  OHLINS 48 RXF FORKS MX, GNCC, Enduro, Dual Sport

These are designed to easily be owner installed, you do have to know how to do that and follow manufacturers owners manuals and install guides.

They fit right into existing Triple clamps and everything else goes right on including plastic fork guards ,etc.

They have DLC inners with special Seals and Bushings with the TTx Cartridge shown below.

The upper Gold Stantion Shape and design provide additional benefits over just installing Ttx Cartridge to existing OEM Shells.

(So The Whole Forks are more than just Pretty Legs!)



57) AIR FORKS SOLUTION !  plus popular MX, GNCC, ENDURO, Dual Sport

Ohlins TTx CARTRIDGE kits AND Normal Springs  in both legs.

These have many features you can’t see from this photo,

They are TTX TWin wall design,dual floating internal piston, and have many tuning options to work in harmony with the cartridge internal top out spring and main spring preload tower settings. so a very wide range of excellent use can be found.


(More on these in Our Tech Sections,many design features unlike any traditional OEM cartridges.)



TTX MX and GNCC Shocks

58)  Ohlins TTX Shocks  for MX, GNCC, ENDURO, Dual Sport

Many design advantages your mass produced stock shock will never have.

No matter how much some one may spend on the standard shock it will never be as good as these.

Ohlins Unique Twin wall TTx design with matching tapered body end cone and cylinder head for truly independent adjustablity with no over lap , Internal floating Piston with more directional fluid flow characteristics provides unequaled improved damping feel and more consistent pressure balance when shock goes back and forth.

(More on these in Our Tech Section, many design features unlike any traditional  single tube shocks with bladders found from OEM.)


59)  Ohlins Vintage MX Twins S36D , these have Divided fluid and Nit Shocks Not Emulsion


60)  Ohlins Vintage MX Twins S36P , these are Piggyback and  have Divided Piston in Res.


 61) Popular S36P/380mm Long with 480-12 yellow Springs / 10 ID mm Mounts all Around


62) Triumph Thruxton 2005-2014 Tr538 Ohlins S36DR1L



63 ) Ohlins HO239 Twin Shocks,Adjustable Rebound,Compression,Length,Spring Preload

360mm Eye-eye +10mm Adjustable




SU932 TTX Ohlins Shock for Suzuki GSXR1000




Ohlins KTM RC 390 Shock KT 303


Ohlins KTM Rc-390 Shock KT303


KTM Ohlins TTX Shock KT1594


Above is the Ohlins KTM KT1594 Shock


BM688 Bmw HP2 Enduro Shock IMG_5126


Above BMW HP2 Shock BM688, it has Hi/Lo Compression, Rebound, Preload.





Above Ohlins BM 601 / BM602




Ohlins BM363 BMW X-Challenge Shock, see the page for X-Challenge more details…






Above BMW  F700GS shock with new style preloader and more!  46mm body 16mm shaft and divided fluid and nitrogen with internal floating piston.


Ya1792 Ohlins TTX Flow YZ125 250 (1)


NEW RELEASE! (2005-meets 2017)  for YZ125 / YZ250  the Ohlins TTX Flow shock 491mm eye-to-eye. BAM!