BMW R 1200R Ohlins 2015


1) 2015 BMW R1200 R



R1200R 2015 Ohlins with Preloader

2) Ohlins Shock 2015 BMW R 1200R with Hydraulic remote spring preloader


Ohlins shock is heavy duty large 46mm body and 16mm shaft with divided fluid and nitrogen via internal floating piston and about 45 clicks of adjustment with many available spring options.


Ohlins SHock BmW R 1200R 2015

3) Preloader has about 23 turns of additional preload on the spring which is an easy way to add some more to the standard solo spring setting and then return it back when needed.


Ohlins Fork Cartridge Kits Adjustable External Spring Preload, Compression and Rebound


Above Ohlins has a 30mm Cartridge and spring kit that fully upgrades your forks from the top cap to the bottom.


Much like whats in the whole Ohlins RT Fork, you can put in your BMW shells and toss the rest.


They feature a 4 port Ohlins piston with fully adjustable spring preload (at top caps 18 turn), adjustable compression and rebound.