Touratech Suspension for Adventure Touring



Touratech shocks are purpose-built shock absorbers for long-distance touring with a fully-loaded Adventure in mind.


Right out of the box, they have the strength, features and adjustments to go the distance, even while hauling luggage.


Over-built by design, Touratech Shocks are constructed with heavy-duty materials and over-sized components.


All feature low friction seals,cold forged 6082 T6 aluminum shock body machined to exacting standards offers high-strength and maximum heat dissipation. Mounting bushings are high-strength stainless steel bushings ensure the mounting points of the shock will go the distance.


Shocks are sold Individually, and sets for plug and Travel ECA versions.  Standard factory length is the norm with a few types available in lowered versions on some applications.


These can be owner installed, you would need to know how to do that and  follow manufacturers owners manuals and install guides for adjustments.


Touratech is made by Tractive in the Netherlands for the USA ,which for many that don’t know is a WP on steroids, when WP moved with KTM to Austria in 2010, most all of the best and brightest top ten WP engineers with the most experience over 100 years combined, stayed in the home country and started Tractive group which private labels shocks and products to various countries worldwide.



The New R 1200GSA 2014-(Water cooled) ESA

Touratech Water cooled Bmw R 1200GSA List 3990.00


These are the Touratech Plug and Travel for the New BMW R1200 GSA  (Water cooled)  . They Plug into existing wire harness and use same bmw control features but have all the design improvements from the overbuilt Touratech Expedition Hi/Lo Compression and Rebound adjustable shocks.


The standard shocks are claimed to be grossly under sprung and super skinny light duty designed for a 175 lb rider in mind so many folks are upgrading right away to these.


R1200 gsa Water Cooled IMG_2187


Touratech (shown below) has updated offerings for the BMW R1200 GS/GSA (oil cooled) shown below, determine if you are replacing Showa or WP style when placing orders, springs and settings are prematched for you prior to shipping.

3295.00 plug travel expore


Above is the Touratech  ESA “Explore” style ESA shocks  when ordering specify for Showa or Wp style replacements.


expedition series 3995.00 plug travel


Above is the “Expedition” ESA series, notice additional reservoir on rear shock the rear has Hi/Lo and a reservoir,  when ordering specify for Showa or Wp style replacements.


(Click on Pics below to enlarge)                                   The  individual Feature Definitions  are Listed by each Types Below….



“EXTREME” Series shocks have advanced technology to make bottoming out a thing of the past. This shock has a secondary compression dampener that goes into action when your shock approaches the end of its stroke (PDS Style). Virtually eliminating severe bottoming under extreme loading.The Rear shocks offer has Adjustable Length 8mm (+4mm/-4mm) from shocks eye-to-eye length. They come with Hi/low Compression, Rebound and Hydraulic Preloader.

Explore Series “EXPLORE” Series are mono tube designs that have a rugged 16mm shaft and 46mm body both front and rear with divided Internal floating piston within the mono tube that separates fluid from nitrogen, the shocks are single damping adjustable rebound and spanner spring preload adjustable.
Explore HP “EXPLORE HP” Series (Hydraulic Preloader) is an option included for rear applications that add the convenience of 15mm additional spring preload at a hand turned easy to reach knob and the same other features as the regular Explore.
Expedition “EXPEDITION” Series offers Hi/Low Compression adjustable damping located either on a integrated piggyback or remote mounted resevoir that divides fluid and nitrogen with a floating piston. All Expedition shocks include a Hydraulic Preloader with 15mm additional spring preload function and the same other features found in previous models.
Electronic “ELECTRONIC PLUG and TRAVEL” Series is New and offered for BMW R 1200GS         ( 2013 -On Watercooled )



Touratech  Shock Pics  (below)




BMW R1200 GSA (oil Cooled 2006-2013)

“Extreme Series” Rear and “Extreme Series” Front





BMW R1200 GSA (oil Cooled 2006-2013)

“Expedition Series” Rear  and “Explore Series” Front




Tenere (Non ES -version )

“Extreme Series” PDS Dual Piston design or “Expedition Series” Single piston design.


New Release ! – BMW F800GS EC Shock 2013-and newer (above) for Factory Ec models .

The ESA option for BMW’s 2013 and newer F800GS allows the rider to choose from three modes on the rear shock. With the press of a button, the damping settings on the rear shock change between Comfort, Normal, and Sport.

The shortcomings with the OEM shock are that the damping is set-up for a relatively lightweight rider who travels without luggage, and the unit is not serviceable. Material and design compromises made in order to hit a price point on the OEM unit result in a shock that will wear out or blow seals, long before the rest of the bike gets tired and it must be replaced.

To solve these problems, Touratech Suspension has developed the Plug & Travel ESA Upgrade. A high-performance replacement shock that offers world-class ride characteristics, is 100% serviceable, and is a bolt-on solution that plugs in to the BMW ESA system allowing the ride-mode buttons to function even better than stock.

Touratech in line Extreme shock 2013-on F800GS


2013- On Bmw F800GS Touratech INLINE “Extreme Series” rear shock
has all the great features but space saving design so new bikes bigger fuel tank and other stuff fits nice.


Touratech Triumph 1200 Explorer Shock Expedition Series


Touratech Triumph 1200 Explorer Shock “Expedition Series”


also available in “Extreme Series” Dual Piston not shown




Touratech Cartridge  Kit  Triumph 1200 Explorer 2012- on .


Cartridge Detail Also Available for:

BMW F800GS 2013-On and Triumph Tiger 800 XC, 2011-On .



Touratech Cartridge Detail


Touratech Cartridge (Separate Compression, Rebound, Preload adjustable)


BMW F800GS 2013-On

“Extreme Series” Shock Dual Piston design PDS

“Expedition Series” Shock.



Touratech Ktm 950 Super Enduro Extreme Series Shock.





Touratech  Ktm 1190R  Extreme Series Shock.



Triumph Tiger 800Xc “Explore HP Series” Shock (No Expedition or Extreme Available)




Triumph  1050 2008-on  Touratech “Explore HP Series” Shock  (No Expedition or Extreme available.)





Touratech Required Spring Press to switch springs with Hydraulic Preloader Shocks


Africa Twin Touratech shock


Above the New Africa Twin Honda CRF1000L Toutatech Extreme Shock
(see Africa Twin bike page more info…).