Aprilia 2016 RSV4 RR Ohlins Conversion


Ohlins for your 2016 Aprilia RSV4RR


2016 Aprilia RSV4 RR (Sachs Suspension standard)

can be transformed into an Ohlins TTx with the latest offerings from Ohlins.


TTX GP Shock and Ohlins 30mm Complete Fork Internals  COMBO! , (See below…)


Ohlins Aprilia Shock RSV4 TTX GP AP360



Ohlins TTX GP Aprilia RSV4 TTX Shock AP360 is the latest version, newest twin wall TTx technology with adjustable rebound, compression, spring preload, and length.


You select custom the spring and settings at time of ordering to best match your weight and use.


Aprilia Ohlins TTX RSRR V Ohlins AP 360 (1)



Ohlins TTX shock has adjustable compression and rebound that can be easily turned by hand or wrench by these clickers, preloader uses 8mm T-Tool.


Ohlins TTX AP 360 details


Adjustable length while on the bike, loosen blue locker and turn silver stem then relock, shock is 310mm eye to eye with +6mm/-0mm range.


Ohlins Fork Cartridge Kits Adjustable External Spring Preload, Compression and Rebound


Ohlins 30mm Cartridge kit with springs, replaces most everything inside the Sachs fork with Ohlins largest and newest fork cartridge, caps, piston kit using adjustable 18 turn spring preload and adjustable compression and rebound.


Aprilia RSV4 Ohlins Conversion Suspension Fork 30mm CArtridge Kit


You select custom the spring and settings at time of ordering to best match your weight and use.



RSV4 RR 2016


Replacing the standard “RR” Sachs suspension with the Ohlins Front and rear upgrade is a huge advantage.


A super adjustable Ohlins TTx twin wall shock design (TTx GP) and 30mm Ohlins Cartridge and spring set is one of the best upgrades you can make.



SACHs Aprilia Ohlins Conversion


Above is the Standard Sachs Forks



Ohlins30mm Kit Conversion To Aprilia RSV4 2016


Above the Ohlins Full inners conversion with 30mm Ohlins cartridge like the Ohlins Road and track Fork, shown with Data Sheet included with forks.