Honda CRF250L 2013-On

 2016_honda_crf250l_Suspension Mods




The Honda CRF250L is a super sweet offering with bare bones super economy super soft suspension that is mostly non adjustable and hope-less, but the bike is super nice looking with Honda quality motor and voted most likely to get you home from the woods?



We sell more Adventure Shocks, Forks, Cartridge kits than most any other dealer in the USA , consider us for your next purchase,

We have more than 25+ years experience and we-love-you-long time!



Ohlins has a fully adjustable shock with a better spring than stock that suits a very wide range of uses and weight ranges  for even more loading and chubbyness,  an Ohlins air bleedable fork cap(s) and (2) fork spring kit, a better rate than stock and spare heavier than that.


The fork springs that actually fits! the way it should true to length without goofy spacers or tubes like previous cheezy brands and others offered!







BAM!~ best stuff out there!




Ohlins Piston and Fork Fluid Kit Valving Honda CRF250L _Rally



Note: this product can not be ordered out of the general catalog by a part number off the shelf subject to change.
(We can help see below page for details to do…)


Optional in house supplied valving  for rider weight and conditions, a Universal  design 4 port 20m piston with rider weight specific updated valving shims stack with optional valving / Piston(s) kit for fork works very well and is a in house supplied product only.


Ohlins high quality fluid used with the Ohlins fork cap(s) and spring(s) kit works very well in the front forks.


With real valving and pistons you can try for best results, start with a 3wt fluid in damping leg maybe up to a 5wt if your fat by body mass index, and can go higher if your a scale breaker.


(See page bottom for pricing and options…)




BAM!~ the best Quality shock for the least money, The Ohlins Super fat 46mm body with heavy duty 16mm shaft .


Fully adjustable compression, rebound, with divided fluid and nitrogen with full floating piston in reservoir, built with superior quality on all the functional adjusters.








“The Fat-Pak-Mule” big tank , bags loaded with chubby rider 230lbs+ (before lunch…)


We went from full skinny stock to fully overloaded jumbo gas Tank , Bags, Racks, Guards, kitchen sink, Etc. to test a fully loaded “Porker” to developed suspension settings for most.


(From commuter skinny dude to fat belly beafy adventure warrior- it works!)


Ohlins-Honda-CRF250L_-heavy_duty_Fork-Spring-rate-Kit-Caps-2 (1)



Done right, the Ohlins fork spring(s) and Caps(s) kit, comes with a spring rate much better than stock plus a rate even more heavy duty for aggressive and more off roading and “porky-loading” as an option.




Ohlins-Honda-CRF250L_-heavy_duty_Fork-Spring-rate-Kit-Caps-2 (2)



Tip: Use a padded 6 point socket or soft cloth under the wrench to keep your caps looking nice and don’t forget to apply thin grease on oring.


The Ohlins caps have a removable quick “air bleed” torx screw you should equalize any built up air pressure before each ride like a modern Mx /GNcc fork for best performance and seal life.







Not your grand-ma’s fork caps!



Ohlins CRF250L Rally Fork spring Clip



Above red arrows show clip.





Honda CRF250L how to cahnge fork springs heavier rate



Shown above is the top out spring on the end of the ding dong.






Note the clip to get to the stuff.





Ohlins Intregrated Preloader Option HO703 Honda Rally CRF250



As an option for some folks, above Ohlins integrated spring preloader option, easy to get to with 8mm drive with “T-tool” (not included common stuff) changes spring preload about 10mm more or less from original set position range.


May require optional Ohlins spring so best to do at time of ordering shock because it takes up about 40mm of body space.


2016_Suspension_shocks_options_ Heavy Fork Springs_shock_Spring_2013_2017_honda-crf250l-review-dual-sport-motorcycle-specs-crf250-crf-250l-6




Honda CRF250L Fork Springs_shock Spring_Dimensions



The forks are 43mm Showa non adjustable and non adjustable shock other than a few millimeters of preload out back.


You can vastly improve this bike with some suspension upgrades, the stock stuff is a marsh mellow.


2013-2017-honda-crf250l-Suspension Rebuilding Revalving_Shocks_Fork Springs



Ride a little more frisky and you’ll see how super soft the bike is.






You’ll get to one of these,


Ohlins Fully adjustable S46 Series shock. It has fully adjustable compression, rebound and spring options with a much larger than stock and more heavy duty build with divided fluid and nitrogen with an internal floating piston for fade free performance.


The body is a 46mm and 16mm shaft (stock Honda is only a 40mm, that’s like an acre in the suspension world!)


We sell this shock with all the features and Ohlins quality, and super nice machining for less than most other more basic shock options out there that are not made nearly as well or finished this nice.


see pics below…


Honda CRF250L Fork Springs_Revalving_Shock Springs



For reference the fork dimensions are below:

About 880mm long from center axle to top edge stantion

54mm top triple clamp/57mm bottom triple clamp

Front Caliper about 95mm holes/ Left Lug 15mm Threaded/ Right Lug 20mm /









Order a Fork Spring kit and Ohlins Shock Combo!


Revalving is also important for best results.



Honda CrF250L Shock Spring



The stock shock really is a piece…(if Meineke muffler made shocks for bikes this would be it).






Above a screen door damper, is only thing worse than your Honda Crf250 or rally shock.




Honda CRF250L Shock Spring_Shock Options_Ohlins_Racetech_



The cheesy bottom stamped bracket must be removed to get to spring.




Removing Honda CRF250L Shock Spring




The spring spanners stop there so taking spring off is from the other end only.




Honda CRF250L Shock Spring Preload



The stock setting is about 8mm preload and this maybe 5mm more to add, not much to write home about.




Honda CRF250l Shock Spring Removal



Bust a Nut, you would need a spring press to get to the nut on shaft end to remove bottom bracket to get to spring.





Honda CRF250L Shock Spring Rate



A wise man once said “you can’t polish a turd”.   index



Honda CRF250l Shock



We can rebuild, respring and revalve this but why….?


That few hundred just takes away from the new shock you need.







Above this is the Racetech G3 shock, the list price well above an Ohlins quality shock, it only has rebound adjust and uses an Eibach spring.






The Ohlins with a full compression adjustable remote reservoir feature and Ohlins quality and machining comes in for less money!







Ohlins shock mounting pic.






Ohlins shock mounting pic.






Ohlins Shock mounting pic.



Fork Tools Honda CRF250L_Fork Springs (2)



The forks are lefty / righty.


Damping only in left leg spring only in right leg.




Honda CRF250l Fork Springs Heavy Duty



(reminder bike is about 327lbs claimed)






Our test bike with Acerbis tank, skidplates, Cycra handguards, empty nylon bags  came in at 339.0lbs.


This weight was with above stuff added without potato chips.



Honda CRF250l Fork Springs_Mods



We can revalve the damper leg for better performance, they have “three port” pistons.



Honda CRF250L Fork Revalving



The left leg is where all the magic happens,


Just so you know these Showa pistons are circa 1987 and still around like a mullet in the South.



Ohlins Piston and Valing Kit Uni Honda CRF250l Rally



Note: this is not a general catalog item at this time off the shelf subject to change.


Revalving this one is important when doing spring rate option because they use one legs damping to do both legs, find out about in house custom valving option by rider weight and conditions.



Fork Tools Honda CRF250L_Fork Springs (1)



A cartridge holding tool and 43mm split seal driver.



Honda CRF250L Ohlins Fork Piston Kit



Above although not yet in the catalog, there is fork piston and valving options that work sweet.




Honda CRF250L Suspension Fix Solutions Ohlins Shock






honda-crf250l_Fork Springs Optional Heavy_Bike Test



The Honda CRF250L has lots of stuff really finished nice for the bike price.




2013-Honda-CRF250L_Fork Springs _Ohlins_Racetech



The Honda should be rated “most likely to get you home” compared to many other brands.


The motor is smooth and sweet. probably will run forever, typical Honda.







This example,


Shows a 135lb rider hitting the max size bump with the stock suspension at less than 5mph in Japan?











2013 Honda CRF250L.




Honda CRF250L

Honda CRF250L _Ohlins Shock HO429_Shock and Fork Springs Heavy Duty



Honda is a sweet looker~




OHLINS OPTION, Great shock and fork products for LESS than you may think!


Above buy the Ohlins S46 shock with Adjustable Compression (reservoir) and Rebound that has a divided internal piston for fade Free performance.


The Ohlins Fork Springs (that are true to length and fit correctly/made great) and Ohlins fork caps that let you Equalize Air build up like a Mx/GNCC /Enduro bike.


Add a 20mm 4 port piston and valving kits as needed.






CRF250L_Racetech GS3 shock _Fork Spring Gold Valve

Above shown RACE TECH brand-


Honda CRF250L Fork Spring kit Optional Heavy Fork Spring rate



Shown above, there is a cheapo-foogesi stuff a spring in one leg option, was out very early on but not so much any more~

That adds to the already week other spring side leg spring (insert-hope, here…) maybe but too cheap to keep.

We sell more of the Ohlins Spring and cap(s) set to do it right and you get 2 spring rates plus air bleedable caps.


Made in Mexico