2016 Honda CRF450R



2016 Honda CRF450R


Honda CRF450R Ohlins Cartirge Kit 2015_2016_FGHO1594_FGHO1594_FGHO1694


BAM!  Whoop there-iT Is!



Enzo Kyb Crf450R Air Fork Fix _Ohlins _Factory Connection_Pro Pilot


Bye-Bye !… (Say good bye to you little air pump!)



Ohlins _Honda_2017 CRF450R



We’ve spent lots of time on the popular 2016 Honda CrF450R, actually with various Mx conditions mixed testing the New KYB Air forks and rear shock settings!



2016 Honda Crf Ohlins 48 RXf Fork TTX Shock FGHO1696 and HO1694


Above the “Super Sweet” “Gold Candy” “Full Monte” just Slip On and Rock-On! Custom Pro Pilot A1 Ohlins Set.


Pro Pilot Suspension 2016 Honda CrF450R is Available Oct 1, 2015  click  (Link here to Mx/ GNCC Suspension)


The 2016 Ohlins TTx Shock, 48 Rxf  Ohlins Fork (shown below)


2016 Ohlins CRF 48 RXf Fork and TTX Shock




2016 Ohlins fork CRF 5mm longer this year


Ohlins 2016 48 RXF Honda Fork these are the New 5mm longer length this year.



New Ohlins Honda CRF Fork 5mm Longer for 2016


Ohlins 2016 forks are the updated Newer length that’s 5mm longer than before.



Tired of checking your fork Air pressure 10+ times or more per day?


You can replace the full guts of your standard fork with a full Ohlins cartridge kit with traditional springs so the forks feel awesome like long time riders love!


Most don’t even set their tire pressure let alone all three fork air pressures correctly through out the day!


Ohlins TTx Cartridge Kit eliminates all that hassle! turns air forks into the well done forks from what the best riders still prefer today!


Ohlins Fork Cartridge kit with regular springs set, which eliminates the Air fork but maintains the standard shells is 100% reversible with No machining!.




2016 Ohlins TTX Crf250R Shock


Ohlins TTx Honda CRF450R Shock, has things your stock shock will never have no matter what you do to it!


These have the Twin Wall design with matching end cones and cylinder heads for more directional fluid flow and performance on small and mid sized bumps while maintaining really good bottoming control.



Honda 2016 CRF250R Track Test Pro Pilot Suspension



Already bundles of  laps on the 2016 CRF450R settings.


The Mx52 front still not as Good as the Mx32 range for “you-know-where”!


With every soil combo from perfect top soil to soft mix to baked hard (they have all conditions except Saddleback blue groove) and perfect for Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Mx Testing!.



Track DAy Wed


Trackside Support with FREE Updates! See our Mx/GNCC/Enduro page for more information.


The 2016 Ohlins RXF Fork will adapt to the New 5mm Longer Stock for length the 2016 Honda CRF450R has this year. You gain all the performance improvements in the Ohlins design over a wider range of usable conditions.


2016 Ohlins MX Crf



Ohlins Fork Bottoms 2016 FGHO1696 CRF 450 _250 R 48RXF


Above close up juicy Ohlins Fork Bottoms CRF





FGHO1694 TTX Ohlins CArt Kit


Ohlins 2016 FGHO1694 TTX Cartridge Kit


Ohlins TTx 2016 HO1694


2016 Ohlins H1694 Ttx Shock and 6310- series spring.


2016 HO 1694 Ohlins Shock


2016 Ohlins HO1694 Adjustable HI/Lo Compression and Rebound.


For more information on these email us at:   sales@ProPilotSuspension.com