41) Progressive Suspension Shocks / Fork kits




Harley FLH/FLT thru -2013 (msrp from $399.95 standard length / from $439.95 Lowering)

Progressive  Suspension  drop in Fork Cartridge Kits and Lowering kits comes with springs set.




2)  Progressive Suspension Heavy Duty Fork Spring Kits




(msrp from $299.95 Black or Chrome / multiple length options )

Progressive Base Value  Model 412 Series Black or Chrome , standard or heavy, 5 position Spring preload cam, NON-Rebound Adjustable and Emulsion Not Divided Fluid -Nitrogen.




(msrp from$ 624.99 Black  / from $ 669.95 chrome / multiple lengths available)

Progessive Model  444 Black or Chrome adjustable Preload, springs either  Standard or Heavy, Non Rebound Adjustable.

A design dubbed “Frequency Sensing Technology”(FST) for its unique ability to dynamically adjust damping as you ride. The result is superior performance no matter the road conditions. A top mount threaded preload adjuster allows for fine tuning with a simple twist of the cap.        





(msrp from $499.95 black /  from $544.95 chrome /  multiple lengths available)

Progressive Model 430 Series Black or Chrome Adjustable Preload, springs either standard or heavy only,  Non Rebound Adjustable.








Progressive Model 465 , Available for some models including KLR650 and some Adventure / Dual Sport models




Progressive 465 series with RAP (remote adjustable Preloader)




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