14) Ohlins MX / GNCC Damper



OHLINS WHOLE DAMPER KITS NO LONGER AVAILABLE , Possible service options if in excellent condition.



How to rebuild Ohlins and Scotts Steering damper sd502 2.02.1 Seals Vacum Machine Manual

Dampens Outward from Center (about 60′ degrees ) then Zero back to center ( very popular! )


Easily adjustable from free movement to any desired amount of damping.


(Adjustable “DL” Damping Level and “RTC” Return To Center damping level)


This Damper Mounts easily without purchasing Bar risers or triple clamps .


Once you use one you may never ride without one again, they are that nice.


Additional Mounts Kits Only can be purchased  separately to use on different brands.


The Hex Nut shown (above) has Black Round Dust cap and that goes where the stem nut would be.




 This is by far the best damper in the industry for these applications!


No Need to change Expensive Handlebar  Risers, Bars, or Triple Clamps!


Buy a new bike or different brand,  just buy the new mount kit and use the same Damper!



Purchase a Damper Separate (Shown Left) and  a  Specific Mount Kit (Shown Right )




Ohlins SD534 and SD535 Mounts Ktm


Want to know what the difference is between a KTM SD534 and SD535 Newer Ktm Mount?

BAM! (See above!)


Below are the Ohlins PDf Mounting Instructions:


Mounting Instructions Ohlins_SD534


Mounting Instructions Ohlins_SD535



Ohlins Steering damper 2.1 2.2 Ktm Mount SD535


Shown on KTM SX-F 2016 with Standard ktm Triple clamps and Bar mounts (rubber) all stock stuff and SD535.


Note: the extra (included with mount kit) darker oval dish thingy helps radius on damper.


Ohlins 2.1 with SD535 KTM Mount


Above SD535 on 2016 KTM 500EXC


2016 KTM 500EXc SuperMoto Brian JAmes Maryland


Above 2016 KTM 500 EXC



Visit Our OHLINS page for current application PDF List.



Ohlins 2.1 SD502 Streeing damper rebuilding_parts_seals

Ohlins streering damper 2.0 2.1 rebuilding parts How to guide

Factory Damper VAc MAchines are a Must when your damper is ready for a rebuild or Service.


Yes you will need proper tools, equipment, fluid when working on these dampers that have lots of little micro parts that perform well when correct.


Work Shop Manual SD2.1 Vacume Machine Required SM_SDMX21


How to rebuild Ohlins and Scotts Steering damper sd502 2.02.1 Seals Vacum Machine Manual


Ohlins SD502 SD2.0_2.1 Streeing damper parts Repairs Manual

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