42) FOX Shocks



The Fox Evol Air shocks in many forms have been on the market for many years now.

Fox Evol Air Dented cans Rock Nicks


The above pic (arrows) shows a set of Fox Evol Airs that have nicks on the air/spring chambers after they have been out and about for a while.


This is common and caused from exposure to sand, gravel, rocks, etc. This will effect the new seal life and air pressures you would preset.


Fox Evol Air Shox Seals Kit


This is just 1 set to do a pair of Fox Evol Air shocks, so there is lots of stuff to change on a service rebuild.



Fox Air Shock Valves


Fox Designed their air valve shown at left (red arrow) to be different than the less expensive options on the right (blue arrow), the old worn out Fox Air Valve is foreground center, they can go bad in time and from constantly adjusting air pressures and dirt.



Fox Evol Air Gauge


Important when checking air pressure in the Evol and Main chambers is to have some kind of “T” style schrader PIN pushing IN/OUT gauge system so you actually trap the pressure you think you see on the gauge, before removing the gauge end.


This style above lets you open and close INNER valve pin before removing whole gauge fitting to be sure you trap what air pressure you think you want.


This style allows Nitrogen or air, then fine tuning with pump end.


Some people check them many times a day and never trap the air pressures they are trying for.









Polaris RZR 1000 Fox , Spring Update kits


IMG_4520 Fox Ltr Suz rear Shock


Fox Rear Ltr Shocks that are newer have swival /360′ remote lines.



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