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New NITRON Owner Installed Items as you order,  replacement shocks, springs, dampers.



Click Pic / Link Below For Nitron Auto Applications                         Click Pic / Link Below For Nitron Motorcycle Applications



We sell both Automotive and Motorcycle components for Easy Owner Installs shipped direct to your home or business via daily UPS and FedEx for your convenience.


FREE Shipping any where in the U.S.A. lower 48, allow plenty of extra order lead time they are special order , so call us to place orders or get info on products  to consider.


Follow manufacturers owners manuals and install guides for proper installation or adjustments.


To expedite ordering process we correspond to the factory engineering department on every order, this reduces lead time and our orders are given priority so in the event of a part shortage or unexpected delay they are able to inform us quickly providing much improved customer service.


All Nitron Shocks are prepaid custom built from scratch to order for each individuals rider weight, application, loading and specific needs, as you order.


Excellent quality and unique design features including “Bi Axis Hose Fittings” fully pivoting and swiveling non binding remote hydraulic hose ends where applicable on remote reservoirs each side.


Nitron also supports some harder to find applications with excellent price points depending on choice of options.


Not all Nitron shocks are shown or are listed in their PDF Catalogs at this time but will update  as they let us know.




 New Release below August 14 2016~ (special Order first batch…)
Nitron 25mm Fork Cartrideg Kits (1)
25mm Cartridge kits

Nitron 25mm Fork Cartrideg Kits (2)

Initial release models include:
S 1000 R (14-15)
S 1000 RR (08-15)
Panigale 899/959
Hyperstrada 821 (13-15) / Hyperstrada 939 (2016-)
CBR 600 RR
CBR 1000 RR
CRF1000 Africa Twin
Z 1000 (14-15)
ZX 6 R (09-14)
ZX 10 R (08-17)
GSX-R 600/750 (06-10)
GSX-R 1000 (09-11)
FZ 8 (11-13)
MT-09/ Tracer/ XSR900 (14-16)
YZF R6 (08-14)
YZF R1 (09-14)



Nitron Sport InfoNitron Sport Info .The Sport shock has a single adjuster located around the end of the piston rod shaft. This adjusts both rebound and compression damping in a predetermined ratio.

The shock upgrades the standard equipment  to a position where there is a greater range of overall damping adjustment and better control at slow shock shaft speeds.


Nitron  D2   InfoNitron Track Info .The D2 Track shock has a rebound adjuster located around the end of the piston rod shaft and a separate bump compression adjuster in a remote reservoir.The 2 damping adjustments are more independent so separate adjusting of the main rebound damping and main compression damping adjustment improves the range and less overlap.

This shock is suited for enthusiast who requires a precision shock with all day fade free damping characteristics.


Nitron D3 InfoNitron Race Info .The D3 shock has a rebound adjuster and two (high speed/low speed) bump control compression adjusters in a remote reservoir.

This shock is suited to the serious enthusiast who requires a very high quality shock that will allow them to fine tune  utilizing the 3 way adjusters.


Nitron D3 Pro (46mm/16mm)
Nitron Race Pro Info
The D3 Pro shock has all the great features of the 3-way adjustable shock but uses a larger 46mm piston and 16mm rod to provide an even higher level of damping control and fade resistance.

– 46mm piston and 16mm rod gives larger piston area for better control and finer adjustment
– Larger diameter tubes provide increased oil & gas volumes for damper stability & fade resistance
– 5-axis CNC machined heads for strength, minimal weight and style
– Rebound, high and low speed compression damping adjustments

Adventure Series/Dual Sport InfoNitron Race Pro Info .Specifically designed and built for Dual Sport and Adventure bikes, the Adventure Series shocks offer exceptional year-round road and trail characteristics like no other. Using billet aluminium components, Adventure shocks are an improvement and significantly reduced weight compared to a standard shock. Adventure shocks feature heavy-duty 16mm rods and a high-flow 46mm piston, both of which are custom tuned and developed for the demands of long-haul road commutes through to Paris-Dakar style endurance events.

Sport TwinNitron Race Pro Info The best entry-level gas mono-tube damper you can get for your twin-shock bike, the NTR Sport Twin shocks provides superb control with a broad adjustment range to suit any rider. These shocks feature all the benefits of the other NTR shocks plus simple adjustment and easy spring preload settings.

Nitron Grom ShockNitron Race Pro Info New Honda Grom Series Shocks offered in three designs. A base model single adjust with no reservoir, a 2-way Adjustable with reservoir, compression and rebound, and a 3-way adjustable with reservoir, hi/lo compression, and rebound adjustable as shown.
1) Newer Nitrons Effective Oct. 1 2015 or so may have updated anodized colors for production.


Nitron FZ09 Shock


2) These are the new Nitron FZ09 Shocks above, available with D1,D2.D3 and / or Hydraulic preloader.
3) Newer Nitrons effective Oct.1 2015  or so may have updated anodized colors.












New Color HPA

8) Nitrons Newer Preloaders will be looking like this about Oct. 1 2015 or so …




Nitron VFR400 NC30

10) Nitron VFR400 NC30 89-93   / D2 with Hydraulic Remote Preloader


10) Nitron D1 / 2003-2008  SV650


12) Nitron D2 with Hydraulic  Remote Kawasaki 2005-2011 ER-6


Nitron with Shock Press Tool

13) Nitron Spring Press Needed to change springs with hydraulic remote preload

14) Nitron Bi-axis Hose Fittings Video





15) Nitron Honda Civic shocks