HONDA Africa Twin CRF1000L 2016-


Our Africa Twin page is a work in progress and will be updated with suspension offerings as they come available, see below for some latest stuff.


There are a few greatly different price points on things to do to your suspension (see below…)


from $674.95-$3590.00!


Our staff






Can Anything be done to the stock Honda Africa Twin Suspension?


 Baseline Combo  $ 974.95 to 1156.95 – just Springs and Revalve on the cheap and piston kit

aka- Fork and Shock revalve 399.95/ Plus springs front and rear 398.00/ plus fork piston kit shown below / 359.95=

*Add for SKF Seals, Wiper Seals, bushings and bumper as needed with  New Showa  piece longer life Shock Seal.



SEE BELOW for all the spy details! …






Bet you don’t have one of these….



(See Below more info…)




Africa Twin Honda Shock





Popular Ohlins Combo  ($1749.95) is the customized New Ohlins piggyback Shock S46PR1C1S with new style preloader, adjustable compression and rebound with a 46mm body and 16mm shaft (custom Ohlins Shock and Spring  preset), do fork springs and fork piston and valving mods as well (Fork stuff).


Ohlins HO646 S46PR1C1LS Shock Africat TWin honda CRF1000L



Ktech SSK front frk system



See below more details…





Africa twin Test bike in the works.



(Shown below)  Touratech COMBO $3590.00 msrp-  which is…

Africa Twin Touratech shock


The Tourtech has Hi / Lo  adjustable compression, preloader and rebound (msrp $1795.95).



The Touratech Cartridge  and Spring kit (msrp $1795.00)









Many thanks to Dennis Espinosa 2016 Pine barrons 500, making a new Ducati Commercial  but never too busy for the Africa twin! (Ktm 1190r or Ducati Shootout!)

















Dennis going to Touratech East August




2016 Honda Africa Twin DCT



2016 Honda Africa Twin CRF1000F,



Honda Africa Twin Ohlins Shock HO646 _S46PR1C1S_395X95 (1)



(See Below More on Ohlins Shock…)


Above the Ohlins Africa Twin Shock New Style preloader, does more range  and is similar to the newest ones Ohlins uses on the BMW R1200 GS/GSA.



Africa Twin Ohlins



Arrived ! One of our customers picked his bike up in Kentucky, a quick 753 miles extended trip thru the route of the famous Blackwater 100 run for pics, and over to us on a Monday morning to start some specs and work.


Fortunately for us, we’ll be the first to let you know all about the suspension!


Many first test are revealing the standard springs are on the Soft side, let alone the valving and everything else, to be determined from the baseline suspension.


One of our local customers that helped developed the KTM1190R ultimate suspension Fork Kit 30mm Cartridge Parts Pack with Springs Kit and Extreme rear shock combo has the first deliverable  Africa Twin to let us spec, measure, rate and test springs, and use for R & D while traveling through Italy on an adventure ride for several weeks. 


We are also able to compare back to back to the KTM 1190R in real world extreme conditions under various loading.


The owner and founder spending Over 30+ years doing suspension every day with a tremendous off road background and American Honda Certified Technician will be burning the midnight shock oil on this one!






Claimed Curb weight 503lbs (534 with DCT Dual Clutch Trans)

9.1″ Front travel claimed/ 230mm /

8.7″ Rear Travel claimed/ 220mm


Ohlins Steering Damper Africa Twin



(Bet you don’t have that Gold Thing…. See Below)





Our Leader




Africa twin Ohlins Forks



The Blue 19mm does spring preload, the rebound does not click 1.5 turns out stock of 4.0 turns possible.


The preloader has about 15 turn range and about a 15mm effect on the preload.




Africa twin Showa Forks



Compression adjustable on bottoms, about a 16 click range.


These bottom compression nuts where used on the 1980’s CR stuff from Showa, 45mm Showa was similar to 1989-1990 Cr250,Cr500.


(Ooouh…… forgot it is 2016~)



Africa Twin Showa Ohlins Forks



Early press releases claimed 43mm forks, but 45mm Showa in real life.


SKF Seal Bushing Fork Service kits



Good thing the owner had a 1989-90 CR, because your Seals, Wipers and Bushings are the same size!



Africa Twin Fork Hieght standard



The standard fork height shown in the clamps, the blue 19mm hex is fork spring preload adjust, it has a 15 turn range and a 15mm effect on spring (see pics below…).





Africa Twin Fork Spring rates



Above the top is preload fully extended, next down is preload all off showing about a 15mm range.


The standard springs are a “progressive coil” or what is also called a “dual rate” spring that feel a little mushy at the start of the rate and a little soft for real adventure and demanding hits off pavement runs.


When Digital Machine Rating the standard progressive fork springs (See Below..)  they tend to stay at 29lb “Too long”  before ramping up to there second rate at the end.


A straight rate fork spring swap is in order for most!



Especially when even the standard tires were swapped in favor of the 60% On &  40% Off “Conti-Tracker” “TKC70” 90/90-21” front  150/70-18 rear,  still too street Slickies for the marshmellow forks which felt “Loosy-goosy”  worse as you crank up rear preload even at 18 clicks in of the 38 clicks offered on rear.


The “TKC80” 40% On & 60% Off, to be mounted  shortly.




Africa Twin Fork CArtridge



The standard fork cartridge is a 20mm stamped steel thing with a 64mm aluminum top with small taper to fit the piston below.



Honda Africa twin Ohlins Suspension (2)



Above the 2016 Honda Africa Twin 20mm Steel Cartridge and kinda soft dual rate coil spring.


SEE below for Straight rate fork spring conversion…..


Honda Africa twin Ohlins Suspension (1)



Above “Red Arrow” shows a punch mark on the spring prelobe tube, the progressive wound spring coil displaces more or less fluid volume, with “spring in” the standard test set was about 85mm fluid level.


If switching to straight rate spring, check fluid level with spring in on this one.


The Standard preload with adjuster all off is about 10mm on the spring to start.


Adding full range at cap (15mm more), a total of about 25mm preload is maxed.



Africa Twin Forks



Above is the standard aluminum top that allows the piston on the rebound rod to go thru the 64mm tapered end only sleeve to the base. The  rebound rods are a 10mm.


To get to the rebound stuff, advanced suspension knowledge and wisdom is required.



Africa twin Showa Fork Upper



Above the Showa top fork stantion is a welcome design that adds to the overall feel of the bike with this tapered bell design.




Africa Twin Forks Showa 45mm




These are the Showa forks.




AFrica twin Fork Valving



Above, this is where the magic happens (or doesn’t)


The stock pistons only use a basic “spring loaded butterfly washer” on all four, very old school from the eighties, so No “tuneable mid valves” are in the basic stock design.


The stamped steel 20mm cartridge and old school 3 port piston, mirror image front and back sides of the rebound and compression piston except Oring / Bushing set up.


It is revalvable, or  piston kit and valving replaceable.


Bam! (Lika-a-deez!) …….

Africa Twin Honda Optional Fork Springs

Ktech SSK front frk system





Africa Twin CRF1000L Fork valving



Above on left, the super basic 3 port stock showa stamped pistons, to the right the 4 port.


The stock showa setup only has  a “spring loaded butterfly” to free flow the opposite direction of fluid passage.


The new and improved 4 port has a “tuneable mid valving” that is a nice additional element to tune low speed compression more popular with designs of today.


Africa Twin Honda Fork Valving kits



Above  4 port piston and valving with “tuneable mid valves” they can replace everything from the stem off, kinda nice way to go! Out with the old in with the new.


Advanced suspension knowledge and wisdom is required for this procedure.


Our Leader



Preloader Africa Twin honda





The stock preloader  does a 10mm range, it does have about 38 clicks you can feel.




Africa twin stock Shock Spring



Above is the stock Showa shock, it has a Nitrogen bladder, the rebound is adjustable about 24 clicks, the compression is also adjustable about 25 clicks, the spring preload has about 38 clicks or a 10mm range.


The standard spring is 240mm free length, 230mm installed all out so 10mm preload to start.


The standard spring has tapered ends that can make a substitute require collars to fit.


(Spring has smaller taper at top then bottom and body is not threaded)



Africa Twin Stock Shock



This adjuster be the Compression, about 25 clicks.




Africa twin stock Shock Spring



This be the Rebound, yeah that black one.

Note: You will need a spring press to swap the shock spring.




Afrirca Twin Shock Spring MAchine Ohlins



Above you will need a spring press to swap the shock spring,


If you notice there is no extra space below the hydraulic preloader.



Africa twin Stock Spring Rate



The standard Honda CRF1000L test spring is rated through the whole shock stroke and at peak value.




Africa Twin Stock Shock Valving



The stock shock is revalvable and respringable (are those words in the webster dictionary?)



One thing we see, the Showa two piece shock seal (from 1987) we use a better One Piece Showa design that is much better on the offroad side for many years.



Africa Twin Shock Piston valving



Above the standard Showa Piston, Compression left , Rebound right.


No worries, the owner has seen these on his 1987 Cr250 and Cr500!




Africa Twin Stock shock vs Touratech Ohlins Shock



Above left the stock Honda Shock verses the Touratech Extreme Series Shock.




Africa Twin Touratech shock



The Tourtech has Hi / Lo  adjustable compression, preloader and rebound (msrp $1795.95).



The Touratech Cartridge  and Spring kit (msrp $1795.00)



Touratech Africa twin Shock Hi Lo



Hi speed adjust (left) 18 click range and   Lo speed (right) 25 click range.




Touratech Africa Twin Shock



Touratech shock







Big Hands?


The standard Touratech preloader knob mount is a little too far out from the bike we think.


It’s an easy fix but they may have thought that allowing extra room around it was their thing for big hand people?



King Kong lead photo



King Kong can reach around the preloader knob with ease.



Africa Twn Touratech Shock Suspension Ohlins



Above reverse pic of the Touratech preloader knob.


Longer dowls and allen screws  or a “tweek” to the plate for some perhaps.






It’s hard to tell from this angle of pic, but the Hi Speed Compression Adjust , “Red Arrow” (top left of those two things) is very hard to get to and turn, even with a small “L” style Allen it’s very tight to reach, this pic shows the back one pretty easy to get to but it’s real tight in real life, but anywhooo…



Touratech Shock Preloader Africa Twin Honda CrF1000L



Above this pic shows Touratech preloader over 15mm tighter towards bike, by using (2x) 25 mm spacer and 45mm Honda flange bolts.


Looks nicer to us, but what do we know…



Preloader With Longer spacers Touratech Africa Twin Shock



Above same preloader over 15mm closer towards bike instead of “out in the breeze”.






We also checked the Tourtech spring for rate and Peak.


Honda Africa Twin Ohlins Shock HO646 _S46PR1C1S_395X95 (2)



Above the Ohlins Africa Twin Shock , S46PR1C1S.





Ohlins HO646 S46PR1C1LS Shock Africat TWin honda CRF1000L



Above the Ohlins Africa Twin Shock.


Honda Africa Twin Ohlins Shock HO646 _S46PR1C1S_395X95 (1)



Above the Ohlins Africa Twin Shock New Style preloader, does more range  and is similar to the newest ones Ohlins uses on the BMW R1200 GS/GSA.












Above, the standard Africa Twin fork spring rates pretty weird.


It comes with a progressive coil fork spring also called a dual rate, it starts at a softer rate and somewhere transitions to the firmer. It’s too soft too long.


Most feel the softer initial rate stays to long (which it does) so you get lots of mush feel deep into the fork stroke, adding lots of preload isn’t a benefit for anyone that’s not a pretty lightweight rider with no cases or extras.


So regular size folks and above tend to go with optional springs.


Africa twin Fork Springs Heavy Duty Optional Firm Straight rate



Straight rate fork springs are popular, above these are 7.3 n/m, others are available. Reminder a lot of folks used .69n/m or .64n/m in the Ktm1190R.


To keep the total fork spring preload the same as stock (about 10mm to start / then the cap adds anther 15mm or 15 turn range) you can take some off the end of the steel preload tube.


Top left (red arrow) shows a punch mark on standard spring tube that’s super long. A simple trim of the far end preload tube and redrill the two 10mm holes that is a straight thru shot about 18mm down from top edge of the tube. Note those holes are more for the spring compression tool to help assembly then function of anything.


Done correctly you can end up with the same starting preload on the fork spring as the stock about 10mm.

Ohlins for the 2016 Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin



Our Leader





Ohlins Steering Damper Africa Twin



Top Secret!  shown Ohlins style Damper.


Adjustable “damping level” and adjustable “return to center”.





Bet you don’t have one of these….



We can’t tell you that Ohlins the great brand and excellent company makes one in a box for the Africa twin, THEY DON’T , this is a Ohlins 2.1 damper / plate /parts kit that the customer had to fine tune some chamfering edges etc. , and of course make a small aluminum tab to locate the center are in front of your tank plastic trim piece,


$695.00 FIRM- We can supply the universal Ohlins 2.1 damper they sell and 90% parts set and its up to you what bike you put them on (wink,wink….) No returns on them- Bam!


Above a “Top Secret” Steering fully adjustable damper that “dampens Out” from center line about sixty degree and “Zero damping return to center”  adjustable from very mild to firmer. (see below more info…)


Africa twin Ohlins Steering Damper



Top Secret, ( You Never Saw This! ).



Ohlins Steering Damper Africa Twin



Top Secret, will evaporate within 30 seconds!















Africa Twin Honda Suspension



We’ll working on stuff and have a few of our bikes at the Touratech East 2016 Ralley in Pa Aug 18-21 2016.