26) Ohlins Universal Forks GOLD or BLACK

Ohlins  Universal Fork, You would need to supply your own Calipers, Triples, Etc.-  but an excellent Fork is available.


Universal/Gold USD    (upside down )        FG 324     FG R/T GOLD
Universal/Black USD   (upside down)        FG 424     FG R/T BLACK
Universal/Black RWU  (right way up)         FG 433     FG RWU BLACK
Universal/Gold  RWU  (right way up)         FG 434     FG RWU GOLD



Ohlins Ducati Scrambler Black Forks Kit

Above~ these are the Ohlins Ducati Scrambler forks (see Ducati Scrambler page for more info…)


Ohlins Ducati Scambler Fork Kit (1)

Above these are the Ducati Scrambler Ohlins forks in gold.



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