13) Ohlins ELECTRONIC Control TTX Dampers


Ohlins ELECTRONIC Control  TTX  Dampers  or  “Mechtronics”



Many New Ohlins Electronic/Mechtronic Controlled Applications



Ducati Multistrada Ohlins Electronic Forks and Ec TTX Shock (Yep, you get above shown Stuff Forks, Shock, EC-Kit )

(This manufacture kit updates the base model to all you need , comes with Owners manuals and Instructions )

They refer to it as “Plug and play”, No cutting, splicing, machining, etc.



Duc Multi EC Ohlins Forks MG_4392


Above are the Ducati Ohlins FG865 , 48mm EC Controled Compression (left) and Rebound (right) , the standard spring rate is a 60n/m with 16 turn preload adjustable caps.


Ohlins Ducati Multistrada Forks 48mm EC Control


Above are Ducati 2010 Multistada Ohlins 48mm Forks



Duc 1098 Rt Frks VS Duc Mulit Strada 48 EC IMG_4391


Above (left) Ducait 1098S Ohlins 43mm RT Fork , on (right) Ducati Multistada 2010 Ohlins 48mm Forks.



ZX-10 Ohlins EC-Shocks


 ZX-10 Ohlins EC-Shocks   (call for latest versions MK11/ GP1/GP11)


Ohlins EC-Controlled Shocks



BMW R1200 GS and GSA Ohlins NEWEST Updated FULL replacement TTX- EC-Kit (Call for Best Price!)


Ohlins TTx BMW R1200GS/GSA



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