6) Ohlins Fully Synthetic Suspension Fluids CST

Fluid is Very Important , using the Best is like using the best Olive Oil to a master Chef !



We sell really good Suspension fluid that is manufacturer recommended.




Tuners  and D.I.Y folks should know every drop counts.


Often times changing  fluid volume as little as a couple of tablespoons or even 15cc Per Leg may be a noticeable  difference in the air chamber character within the each fork.


Quality additives and ingredients are extremely important to function.


Viscosity index claimed and real index values rated in CSt are often quite unique, a recent study showed some interesting comparison in rating each suspension fluid at what they call 40 degree CSt and 100 degree Cst.

Many brands tested for example called there fluid something like “Very Light” or ‘Light” or a certain  ” #5Wt” and tested much higher or lower in reality.


Most modern suspension fluids actual rating is most accurate by referring to the by CSt @40 ‘ or 100′ comparison.


(Here’s just a sample chart of just 20 “Over the Counter Fluids ” of  over 150 fluids  tested.)



Many variables determine the best ingredients to performance of the suspension fluids.

Viscosity Index


The Viscosity Index is very important in a suspension oil. The viscosity index (V.I.) of an oil is a number that indicates the effect of temperature changes on the viscosity of the oil.  A low V.I. signifies a relatively large change of viscosity with changes of temperature. In other words, the oil becomes extremely thin at high temperatures and extremely thick at low temperatures. On the other hand, a high V.I. signifies relatively little change in viscosity over a wide temperature range. So specifically with regard to suspension, the greater the VI, the more consistent the damping will be over a large temp change.

ASTM D2270-04 Standard Practice for Calculating Viscosity Index From Kinematic Viscosity at 40 and 100°C

The Viscosity Index is calculated as such:



On a given morning if the ambient temperature may be 21C (70F) a motorcycle fork may run in the 26C (78F) temp range, rear shocks will run in the 65C (150F) range to even (190F) and the rear reservoirs will be around 43C (110F) to(145F).


While motorcycle rear shocks REQUIRE very HIGH  VIs (over 300) to function well over such a huge temperature range, motorcycle forks and bicycles do not.  Anything over 100VI will be serviceable for them, however the newest  fork designs with internal cartridges are much like rear shock designs so the same fluid is often used in them for best results.


Many variables determine the best ingredients to performance of the suspension fluids.


So just pouring anything into any shock or fork will not provide the intended manufacturers performance.


Ohlins Hi Demand  11cst Suspension Fluid Available in 4 Litre jugs /4 per case






Ohlins Ttx Cartridge Fork Fluid

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