28) OHLINS TTx Shock (Twin wall) UNI KITs


Ohlins TTX UNI kits Sold In Pairs (Yep that means Two Shocks)


They are TTx Twin Wall , these have Compression and Rebound on top reservoirs.


(This Pic Below Shows Bottom mounts as an example )



Ohlins ATV Kit Parts Pic




Shown Below Without bottom “End-Eyes” so those you choose from a few popular lengths (and sold separate).


Optional Springs also configured separate per application.






Ohlins Dual Spring Conversions S36 series,twins,atv,vintage


To go Dual Spring conversion or add a second helper spring to your Ohlins 36 series shocks your need the five parts shown above plus the space to do it, about 85mm of body total in this example shown with 4060-40 spring.

Some have to also buy a different length main spring to get it to work properly.

  1. threaded tube 70mm long
  2. lock Spanner
  3. Spring platform spanner
  4. Helper spring
  5. top spring collar





Shown arrow is a plastic spring “go-between”.



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