2) Ohlins TTX Cartridge/Spring Kit & AIR Fork FIX




2021 Ktm Ohlins Cart Kit W springs FCX_201_20 FCX_301_20 Pic


Ohlins TTX Cartridge and Fork Spring kits

FCX 201-20,   FCX 301-20    FGKT1994, FGKT2094




Ohlins RMZ 450 FGSU1794 TTX Cartridge Kit




Above FGSU1794 RMZ450 Air Fork TTX Ohlins Cartridge and Spring kit




Ohlins_2019_TTX Flow_48S Motocross_Supercross_ Forks_Shocks_rebuilding_service_Parts_A1 _kit Kyb_Wp_FgKT1996_KT1994, FGHO1996, FGYA1996, FGKA1996 FGSU1996, Su199,




buy a complete Ohlins / Pro Pilot A1  Kit! (two 48S RXF forks and one TTx Flow Shock  sprung and done!)




or, a Ohlins TTx Cartridge kit in your OEM shells~




Replaces almost everything inside your stock fork from the top cap to the bottom bolt but uses your stock shells!.



Makes them into the best twin chamber TTx Ohlins spring style forks you crave!






Yes , we shipped the first Ohlins TTx  Fork kit in the USA to replace the WP AER.


Ohlins sells out of every Mx Fork,  Shock, and Cartridge Kit they can produce every year!   ( That’s a good problem to have! ) just like the most popular bikes…





 WP AER Ohlins Kit.





MX AIR Fork FIX 2016 Ohlins



You can also use them on most other late model current Mx, GNCC, Enduro, Moto forks, WP4CS, and more!






Simple to just equalize to outside air temperature by removing bleed screw for a couple seconds and replace before each ride like regular forks!



The kit allows the feel of Super Sweet well done forks with similar stuff to the whole Ohlins Fork!, but your shells.
(See more below…).



Our state is the home of the 8-Time AMA National Enduro Champion, 3-Time ISDE Gold Medalist, and the XC-1 Atlantic grand Prix Champion among many others including many AMA multi time National Number Motocross racers, West Coast Supercross Champion, and many Adventure Rides including the Pine Barrons 500.



We Know Dirt!



2016_KTM_300_XCW_Sixdays_Aaron Ginn Bakersfield CAL



 Above~ (2016) Aaron G.~ 2016 Ktm 300XC-W Six Days BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA



Best Wp4CS Fix Ohlins TTX 2016 Fork and SHock





Ohlins sells out of every Mx Fork,  Shock , and Cartridge Kit they can produce every year!   ( That’s a good problem to have! ) just like the most popular bikes…






Brett M , North royalton Ohio KXF450-AIR_FORK_BEST_FIX Showa-Ohlins-Cartridge-Kit-KXF450-fix plan



(2016) Brent Mcintyre ~ North Royalton ,OHIO 2016 KXF450, Ohlins Air Fork Fix


We know Dirt!





New for 2017 Decals Look like These above, Older ones can be purchased while supply lasts (see below…)



Michael KNOX, Seville OHIO Ohlins _Honda_2017 CRF450R



Above ~(2016) Mike Knox~ Seville, OHIO 2016 CRF450R Ohlins TTx Air Fork Fix and TTx Shock Combo.



Many other popular  applications (Wp, Showa, Kyb)!

Cartridge Kit MX2010 



The Best Solution for the Showa and Kyb Air Forks!






Above~ (2016) Many Thanks! Glenn Young , AUSTRALIA ~ 2016 KXF450 Ohlins AIR Fork Fix.






These can be owner installed, you do need to know how to do that correctly, they are shipped as shown preassembled and you set as you deem fit with your choice of springs, following the manufacturer install guide and owners manuals.


No machining required  so the kit is 100% reversible, simply swap to these  two struts and springs with fluid.


(AIR FORK Guys-  No more need to check your 3 air pressures all day long every ride like on the std Air forks and never be happy!)


Applications including  WP & (4CS) forks looking for more improvement than just a shim revalve or piston swap.


Simply replace everything inside your forks with the light weight Ohlins Internals and normal primary springs for a fantastic feel of well done forks!





Example above is a 2015 crf450r FGHO1594 with Optional Springs, and 15 per leg tunable 2mm preload tower washers (those are those black things in the middle…)


See below more info…



Unlike traditional fork Cartridges this Ohlins TTx Twin Wall design is very unique similar to TTx Ohlins Shocks with twin Piston and twin tube design with more directional fluid flow, less cavitation, and more equal pressure balance through shims and pistons.



These Struts have a tunable internal Nitrogen pressurized floating Twin piston (Shown in background) and True Twin wall TTx Design features within each strut for ultimate improvement not found with a basic single tube cartridges found on all OEM forks.


This Unique design through completely different engineering than standard forks offers a much improved and more consistent feel with less fluid cavitation.





These are done on the Factory Vac machine to insure  all passages are perfect.  ( Shown Pic Below ) With specific Piston placement Ohlins tools.


Their are New Style Pistons and Updates as Ohlins progressed through the years.


Tunable Piston placement, fluid volume, Valving and overall specific details and quality of assembly is very specific and detailed way to make sure the best function as intended.


They also have unique tunable Fork Spring preload tower 2mm Shim/Washers to work as you like with the internal cartridge top out spring for a wide range of applications and needs from soft plush to firmer stouter.


You can also tune for wide range  for your needs with the outer chamber fluid volume as you wish.


Visit Our TECH-TOOLS-PIC page for more info.




These Need to Be done on the Factory vac Machines with the correct fluids and procedures for optimal results.


Ohlins Fluids Must be used in the TTx Struts to Maintain the best ride Quality, without the proper experience and professional procedures, your struts could feel completely different.



Ohlins Ttx Cartridge Fork Fluid



Ohlins 4 Litre jugs of Suspension Fluid $ 134.95 ( savings Only 33.73 / litre)


Above it is more cost effective to order 4 litre jug of TTx Cartridge fluid so that’s what we sell, sometimes packaging may change do to Ohlins production.


On average a professional TTx Strut Service with Ohlins Fluid and Nitrogen


To add Full Wear Parts Kit, Piston Bushings, Chamber Seals, Orings, Xrings


If serviced correctly at sooner regular intervals less wear parts occur and are needed.




For basic overview pages 1-12 , 2008-09 and 2010-11, for Newer note some tools and parts have changed.


TTX Mx Cartridge Workshop manual_Basic 101




NOTE: Do Not Let Your Ohlins Fall into The Wrong Hands!




Visit Our TECH-TOOLS-PIC tag at top page for more info on tech and pics you need to know.



Ohlins TTx Cartridge 2009 FGHO



Above, an old dated set of 2009 , lots have been updated since then.


The Red arrows show some important seals and X-Ring bushings wear parts to do at long term rebuild, a million little important passages and places for air to hide so they need to be finished correctly on a professional machine for best results with Ohlins fluid.



Ohlins Cart KIt parts Seals and Springs



Generally if you mess up the details of the struts, bleeding, piston placement and recharge with 1-5 bar nitrogen, they will feel completely different!




Ohlins Cart KIt parts Seals



These are an Older version from 2009, many things have been updated since then.


They need to be done correctly or will feel totally unlike the way they should!






Above shows how important the “preload tower washers” from 2x to 11x per leg.


By working with the “inner top out spring” for excellent results in forks performance with proper outer fluid volume ranges gives you the plushness, the excellent transition through the stroke, and proper anti-bottoming resistance.



New Bitmap Image














NOT Everyone should touch Suspension!


Don’t Let Your Guy Choke the Chicken by Hand!






AIR BLEED ~ (shown above)

Before every ride Equalize by removing and replacing the one shown, very similar to any traditional fork for past 30+ years.



Ohlin TTx Cartridge RMZ IMG_3545



Popular Ohlins TTx Cartridge and Spring kit Replaces everything in the in the RMZ Forks where they tried a One spring Showa design.


The Ohlins kit works much better on the small and mid bumps plushness with excellent bottoming control.




Ohlins RMZ TTX CArtridge kits





KXF450 OHLINS TTX Shock and Fork Cartridge Kit



2015-2016 KXF450 Ttx CArtridge Kit and Shock Combo



Ohlins ttx CArtridge Kits



KXF 2015-2016 Air Fork, Ohlins Full replacement kit, turns your forks into sweetness!

*Ask us about Adapters to make 2013-2014


KXF450 2013 2015 Ohlins Cart Kit



KXF450 2015-2016 Kit details

*Ask us about Adapters to make 2013-2014



Honda CRF450R Ohlins Cartirge Kit 2015_2016_FGHO1594_FGHO1594_FGHO1694



BAM!  Whoop there-iT Is!

Above the 2016 CRF450R (fits 2015- 2016 Honda CRf450R








 AIR FORK FIX   (From Our TECH -Tools-PICS Page) SEE OUR Tech page for More!

Start with the pumps and  gauges that never work!  ( AIR has NEVER BEEN a GOOD SPRING! )



Fork Air pumps loose an unknown amount of air every time you remove them!


For Example it’s almost impossible to try tuning with manufacturers recommended  6lbs-14lbs increments On The balance and Main chambers with 130psi -145psi  in them with a regular pump and gauge.


You loose more or less just taking the gauge off and can hear an unknown amount of air escaping.


Air Fork gauge ADAPTER (A must have  to properly check  air in forks  )

This simple “T-Style” adapter  fits on most pumps and lets you open and close the inner shraeder valve on your forks without air loss like just taking the gauge off does.


The inner “T” pin fully closes or opens the valve before you remove the whole gauge sealing in exactly the pressure you want and has a  tunable longer stem to reach.


Even though  the above OEM pump/gauges  are not that high tech or really accurate, at least you have a much better chance  with the adapter.


Below is a Digital Shock Gauge, the are pretty accurate but $469.00!, you can still fill them slowly with your pump (or separate) by attaching to the back and then have the advantage of reading both gauges as accurate cross check.


37)                                                               38)






 Air Forks (Love ’em or Hate ’em) but must check the multiple air pressures constantly before every ride!


Tired of checking air all day and never feeling the forks you want?


Yes AIR will Always Feels Different than a Spring! Period.


see OHLINS TTx  CARTRIDGE KIT  with  SPRINGS for full Internals Replacement!  (At Top OF This Page )





Please contact us at (732) 928-7800 for more information about this product.