39) Penske Shocks


 Penske Shocks Numbering  System works like this:

“89” = Any Motorcycle application,  Penske Changed Their Pricing Effective March 1 , 2015.

“8983= Dual Adjustable (either its a Remote reservoir or Piggyback reservoir)

“8987= Triple Adjustable (either its a Remote reservoir or Piggyback reservoir)

“8980E = Emulsion Single Adjust  (not a divided floating piston)

“8975FP =Inline  Dual Adjust Divided floating Piston  (example SV650)

Spring colors can vary depending on application and rate of spring

Some outdated models may still be buildable special order

Most have threaded style or Spanner Preload adjustment

(Penske Shocks are  NOT AVAILABLE WITH Remote Hydraulic Remote Spring Preloaders)

Most shocks built to Order



2)                Piggyback Reservoir                                               Remote  Reservoir


Penske updated their Seal Heads , Some Older Square Style needs Replacement and updating

They are no longer supported.


Penske Triple Adjust with Length Yamaha R6 2003-04 (05)


Penske Yamaha Tenere Shock , Threader Preload Adjustable Only ( NO Hydraulic Remote Preloaders )

Series 8983 Dual Adjust ,Series 8987 Triple Adjust


Penske Yamaha Tenere Shock , (built to order )

Series 8983 Dual Adjust

  (FREE 48 USA Shipping )

Series 8987 Triple Adjust

  (FREE 48 USA Shipping )

Optional Spring rates lbs: 700lbs,750lbs,800lbs,850lbs,900lbs,950lbs


Yamaha Tenere (XT1200Z ) Adventure Bike


Yamaha FZ09


Penske 25mm Fork kit with Springs msrp $1250.00  /  Install msrp Penske $250.00


FZ09 Res Mount

8983 Penske Double Adjust  Remote Reservoir

   FREE / Shipping 48 USA

8983 Penske INLINE Double Adjust  NO- Remote Reservoir

   FREE / Shipping 48 USA

8987 Penske Triple Adjust Remote Reservoir

  FREE / Shipping 48 USA


FZ09 Mount Pic


Penske Pressurized 25mm Fork CArtridge Kit msrp $2995.00

(Limited Models Only, Not ALL Listed ~Call for recent updates as they become available )

 Yamaha R1 2015 , R6, CBR100RR, GSXR1000, GSXR 600,  ZX6, Ducati 848

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