7) Ohlins TTX Fork Cartridge Kits 30mm & 25mm


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HO361 TTx Gp 2007-2016 and FGK204 CBR600RR Ohlins IMG_4058

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Ohlins TTX  Fork Cartridge Kits 30m & 25m


1)Ohlins Fork Cartridge Kits Adjustable External Spring Preload, Compression and Rebound

Ohlins has some excellent application specific Cartridge Kits and Spring kits.


No machining required and are 100% reversible.


This example has:

30mm cartridge and pistons, external adjustable spring preload (aprox. 18 turns) , Adjustable Compression (aprox. 24 Clicks), Adjustable Rebound (aprox. 24 clicks), everything adjusts at top caps for convenience.


TENERE OHLINS full Production CARTRIDGE and Spring Set Kits


This pic above shows this example with Anti Bottoming Hydraulic Cones and Spring set.



The manufacture has information on what suspension fluid and how much to use within a range.



The Above Pic ( FAR LEFT ARROWS ) Shows a Sample Standard OEM stamped steel Non adjustable cartridge like from the 1970’s……. (Only shame is That’s What Comes in Some Applications on new bikes this year!) .


That’s why the Ohlins 30mm Cartridge  and Ohlins Spring set has been so popular because it’s very similar to what comes in the whole Ohlins Road Track 43 Forks.



FGK204 CBR600RR Ohlins 30mm Kit IMG_4060


Above a 30mm Ohlins Kit FGK204 , CBR600Rr 2007-2012, replaces almost everything from fork cap to bottom, shown with -95n/m springs.



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