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The Only Way to get 100% Perfect Vacuum Built Ohlins Ttx / WP / Showa / Kyb Shocks and Ttx Cartridges


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Anything else is just “Stroking-it-by-hand” !



When Your Hour Meter says 20 its time to do

They say the Mx, Offroad, GNCC, Enduro stock shocks need love after 20 hours, and full seasonal rebuild at 40 hours of use.


Feel the difference! They can be made FACTORY VAc 100% Perfect with Ohlins fluid/Nit.

















Pro Pilot Bleed Port Adaptors Showa Kyb Wp Sachs

“No drilling or alterations required”  just like the factory meant it to be.

port adapters for Showa , Kyb , Elka, Penske, Axis and others.





We did many years of research and found for many reasons these newest 2015 machines are the best of the best.


Andreani Machines are an absolute must for proper suspension, we provide product seminars to utilize these to their fullest, it’s the only way to go.


They are super cool (and expensive) with adapters and fixtures for every type and brand of Shock, Cartridge and Steering Dampers, allow about 10K to set up base models both types with adapters but well worth it.


Ours were had built in San Marino Italy, right down the road from Ferarri , to USA voltage motors so no converters or inverters are needed, just use a Dell computer  hook up and cable and your ready to go.


If you see the inside of these , there’s no way you can make one, they have the passion and excellence others don’t, but you still need the proper knowledge and wisdom to know how and where to use these correctly.


Early in 2015 we have One of only Two of the Newest ones currently in the U.S.A., Ohlins has the other one!








It’s no surprise that most dealer’s or so called basic suspension shops, and part time do-it-your selfers actually know so little about suspension or the tools and procedures to do things right, especially  when it comes to the modern technology.

It is a highly specialized field, that requires expensive  tools and equipment, others seem to fumble through things at your expense, many times by just seat of the pants wing it with “Low” tech or “No” tech approach.



So after 30+years in the industry every day with the best of the best, and years of experience,  we’re here to help.




1) Rule #1 ,

     You will need intelligence, knowledge , experience, equipment, tools and cleanliness (and then clean some more)

     or maybe leave it to the professionals.






Technology always improves so staying  current with the latest is key,

it trickles down to the older and more basic stuff.

Participating in the Newest Product seminars and trade shows is very important.





We sell various Spring Press Machines that have exact aluminum fixtures to suit most brands to change springs,

A must for any “Remote Hydraulic Preloader” Style Shocks,

Also no need to touch spanners on spanner style shocks, or reset spring preload.




We sell the Newest generation Spring Rating and Testing equipment.


The Load Cells should be calibrated occasionally and provide great incite into calculating correct spring values.


Springs should be tested in a more climate controlled room, not extreme cold or variations.






Hydraulic Spring Preloaders (shown below),

Most have their own separate fluid from the main shock and need to be done correctly to function at full range.



Once they are Vac machined 100% then they should be load test for full range to manufacturers spec shown below with appropriate fixtures.


Load tested and  Maintaining Factory Spec  movement then you know that’s how they should be.

All Steering Dampers are also done on these machines for Factory perfect results.

New Style Mx/Gncc/Enduro   Ohlins Damper




Fork_Tube Truing_-Stand_Digital_

Fork Digital Truing Stand (Check Inner & Outer Legs separately for straightness)