Honda CRF250L RALLY 2017- On

crf_250_rally _Ohlins shock HO703 _Fork Spring and cap kit FKS123



Honda CRF250L Rally 2017-On.







Ohlins has the best shock for the money, quality and durability with over 40 years building shocks all over the world for many applications.


The Ohlins shock has a heavy duty oversized 46mm body and 16mm shaft with fully adjustable compression, rebound and spring preload.


The fluid and nitrogen are divided with an internal floating piston within the gold reservoir for fade free performance and extra capacity.


Fully rebuildable, revalvable for many years.



CRF250L_2017_Ohlins Shock HO703_Fork Spring Kit F



Sweet looking bike but with super soft and economized shock and fork.


Super skinny people only unless you swap the shock and fork stuff to get you in the game.


A simple very cost effective solution for the front and rear that transform this bike into something much more capable for the majority or riders and loading made by Ohlins (See Below…).



Ohlins Ralley HO703 Shock Fork Spring Cap Kit FKS123



Above Ohlins S46HR1C1 shock comes with optional extra loading spring in addition to the heavy duty spring supplied.


The Fork springs and Fork caps kit are also a very welcome improvement (See below for fork Valving and piston options…



Honda CRF250L_Rally_Fork_Spring Kits _ReValving and Piston Kits_Ohlins YSS_Racetech



Above Valving and Piston kits for Offroad and heavy loading can be tuned for rider weight and conditions from street to full offroad.








The stock Honda CRF250L Rally forks leave much to be desired for most.




Honda CRF250_Rally _Ohlins Shock and Fork Springs FKS123



Modest suspension upgrades go a long way to improve the range of use for the Honda CRF250L Rally.



2017 honda crf250l rally_Best Suspension_Shock Uprades Ohlins YSS Racetech_Fork_Shock Springs