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?) Either Your Weight Without Riding Gear (ride cloths are usually add about 18.5-24.5lbs to that number)

?) Or Exact Weight With Your Riding Cloths Like,Helmet,Jacket,boots.Etc-because you actually weighed yourself )

Ability Level

 Recreational Novice Amateur Expert Pro

Types of use below (Only if it matters for this application)

 Adventure Trips Desert Road/Track Outdoor MX GNCC Enduro Woods

Terrain Types below (Only if it matters for this application)

 Road Street Only Gravel Jeep Roads Trails Road/Track Intermediate Sand Rocks/Roots

My Percent of Solo Riding One up is about:

My own additional Daily Extra Stuff or luggage loading in pounds range is about:(Ex.10lbs-30lbs)

My passenger weight with Riding cloths would be about ? and percent 2 up is? (Ex.130lbs and 2 up 10%-20%)

Regular additional separate extra luggage weight in side bags and/or top case when two up is about:(Ex.30lbs-55lbs)

What Brand or approximate weight empty? added side Boxes, Racks and / or Top case ?

( Only if it matters to your application) (Ex. 57-62 lbs. Alum.Boxes and Rack / Touratech )

(Only if matters to this application ,Below) My Percent of Riding with 2 Up & Fully Loaded for Camping Trips is about:

 10% 20% 30% 40% 50%

Adventure bike Reminder, the maximum loading claimed by the manufacturer is without racks, boxes, accessories.

Weight of some boxes and racks is 57lbs or more!, so keep in mind that comes off manufacturers max payload & tire

and bike limits so always be within that specification.(Ex. manufacturers Max payload 440lbs (-62lbs Box/Racks)=378lbs left for Riders and live gear load.


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