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Bounce around our site, we’ve spent over the last 25+ years with the Best Suspension in the World with the best in the industry, professionally trained and building a great following of customers one at a time from many places around the planet.



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Founded in racing and performance years ago by eleven time Professional AMA Mx National number holder, GNCC XC1 Atlantic Grand Prix Champion, multi-time Pro Expert Track Champion, and three time consecutive Vet Race Champion that traveled to almost every state in the U.S.A. as one of the top racers in the country for more than fourteen years on the professional circuit including competing in events in Denmark, Holland, Sweden, Canada and Newfoundland that would still use any of the quality products and procedures sold here today on his own personal stuff as well as provide them to you!.



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We provide exceptional customer service with each individual order still getting done one at a time.

why us

You can call and contact the same professional that takes care of your project from “A-to-Z”  beginning to end.





We sell many brands of New shocks, many with the cutting edge of technology along with being very familiar with the existing components you may already have from years ago and what the trends in customization for that component may be.



We have computerized Data History Tracking on most customers components original build for past decades on file.







We’ll also be happy to tell you “What we are Not!”  to Save You Money !




We’ve seen “some interesting” stuff  over the past 30+ years! and call it out with some humor , See Below!…..








No “Witch-Doctor-Magic-Potian’s”….“or Waving the Magic Pixi Dust..”


We keep it SIMPLE! and that is best!  ~ Our products sell great on their own!




Note: Do Not Let Your Ohlins fall into The Wrong Hands!




NOPE!   We’re  NOT  these guys! -No Part Time backyard wanna be’s! that just started yesterday!.


True fact!-

We’ve actually seen a “PART-TIME” claimed “shock guy” Get Real Ridiculas! drill a hole in the top of your shock and put a home depot bolt to call it an oil change! still does it today!





NOPE!    We’re  NOT   these guys! – WE DON’T CUT CORNERS!  – ( or any other stuff !  )




Cut and Paste Only makes waste!” – Nope! to this!





NOPE!   We’re  NOT  these guys! -NOT PIZZA CONNECTION!




NOPE!  We are  NOT!  the “PIZZA FACTORY CONNECTION !” – We don’t do pizza slices!


We are not a volume only business with far TOO MANY LOCATIONS and far to many hands in the Pizza!


Never gonna be either!   Nope!   to  EAST, WEST, CENTRAL, NORTH, SOUTH, UP, DOWN, Etc… never gonna happen!






NOPE!  – NOT 30 minutes Or ELSE –


We don’t sell our products based only on being the fastest no matter what to your door!




NOPE!     Never gonna Guarantee 30 minutes or less!


We have excellent time management on orders but will never rush too fast!    Nope!






NOPE!   We don’t have a DRIVE THRU WINDOW either!


We have NO plans to have a DRIVE THRU WINDOW, Nope! … never gonna happen.







Larry thats funny






NOPE!   We aren’t those  Track Day Only and  No location  Snake oil guys! Nope!




“have i got a deal for you!”……………. “and we’ll beat anyone’s price!”…. but that’s about it-






NOPE!  We aren’t those “Home Brew” guys out of a house! ….NOPE!…

Can you say “Small Zoning Problem?”!




home made in the shade”   Nope!   We only operate from a real commercial Location – Thank You!





NOPE! – We don’t make our own OIL ! Nope Never gonna happen!




Not sure what weight this is? pretty sure it’s not suspension Fluid @%$!




NOPE! – Sorry ~We don’t make and / or sell  “UNIVERSAL”~ “PLUCK-VALVES”! 

No ONE  thing works in everything


MX Pluck Valves



Too often Over 30+ years we see  the next “PLUCK”, “CLUCK”, “LUCK”…

Some things are good in the right Thing,

Just maybe Not in Everything ,

Just cause you make one or sell one, Everything may not be fair game!





NOPE!   We are NOT   the  “SUPERMAN SHOCK DUDE !”   NOPE!- never gonna happen!





Everything has it’s limitations! –  so  knowing that  is  always  best!


Suspension is in constant  motion and needs frequent attention,


It’s ONLY as good as it is fresh and wears quickly!.








We are well balanced and look forward to helping good people, that simple~