Honda Grom / MSX125


2016_Honda_Grom_ Ohlins_Shock


Honda Grom / MSX 125


= more smiles per mile than almost any other bike!


Switch out the ultra soft super basic suspension for larger and quicker riders seeking ultimate performance gains.


Ohlins Grom Shock Sale HO324,Ho424,HO524



Surprisingly affordable USA Ohlins Grom Shock!


The Newest Ohlins Shock is the HO524 with adjustable Rebound, Compression, Spring preload.


(replaces the older HO 424 , HO 324, etc.)


Your choice of any spring you need is FREE for your weight included on shock when purchased.


Ohlins has excellent spring knowledge from being the most popular shock.


It is very heavy duty with a 36mm body and 14mm shock shaft and Ohlins quality.


Mounting instructions Ohlins Shock_HO524-




Ohlins popular fork full Cartridge Kit and Springs transforms your standard forks into something great! 


Called the FDK201 (replaces the older FDK101, etc.)


Mounting instructions Ohlins Fork CArtridge Kit _FDK_201


Ohlins Grom Fork Tools


Fork Kit Tools, it’s a 14mm Hex and a holding block.


Ohlins 1309 Oil Liter


Ohlins 1309-01 Fluid, Only 1 Liter needed for Ohlins Fork Kit.