Bmw R1100S Ohlins Suspension


bmw R1100S


BMW R1100S (1998-2005) Super popular Sweet ride! Ohlins even made it better!


BMW R 1100S Ohlins BM 205 Bm 842 Latest 2015 versionIMG_2125


Popular Ohlins front BM842 (320m Long) and BM205 rear (315m long /+12m Adjustable) a few popular spring rates for both front and rear are Free when Building and Ordering New Shocks.

These Shocks are Piggyback design with divided fluid and Nitrogen via internal floating pistons.

They are an overbuilt design with fade free performance with 16mm rear shaft and 46mm body, 14mm front shaft  and 36mm body.

Over the years many slight variations of true length may have made their way thru message threads  accurate or not.

Ohlins adopted the best latest with all updates as shown here in 2015.






Shown above, a lot of shocks have an internal top out spring or internal rubber bump stop either on stock shocks or aftermarket and accurate measurement with or without springs was difficult to get, the finished dimension is most often used above.


The Blue arrow shows the front angle edge that goes forward when mounted.







Ohlins Bm 842 R1100S front shock preloader


Shown above, Optional Knob Style Spring preloader, adjusts spring 10mm additional preload with two fingers instead of Spanner Wrenches.




Bm 205 Popular Ohlins Spring Choices


Ohlins BM205 rear , popular spring options from 150n,160n,170n at various preload starting settings, remote  preloader then adds another 7mm average (about 22 turns) as needed for loading from the solo setting.




Ohlins Bmw R1100S Longer Sport version Shocks spec


Above shown sport version, yep these are the longer ones.


Hard to tell them apart but adds a few mm to rear and much more to front.



BM842 Ohlins Rebound knob


Important tip:


On the front rebound adjuster the arrow shows a small phillips screw you can use a little “blue Loctite”.


Use a new BMW O.E.M. front grommet (about $2.50) on the new front shock install is always best.